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First days at school are accompanied by interesting and unforgettable experiences, and mine was not different (Wong & Wong, 2009). The thought of going back to school after over ten years brought me happiness but, at the same time I was scared of the changes I would encounter on my first day. The joy I felt overruled that feeling of scare, and I found myself waking up earlier than usual to get ready for school. Naturally, I am an early riser, so waking up early was not a big deal. U can imagine how smartly dressed I was on my first day at school. Driven by the urge to meet new faces and see the changes that had taken place in the school, after such along time, I could not wait until class time; I found myself taking a bus to school earlier, than the time for our classes.

Guess where I visited first on arrival, the cafeteria. I used to work there before, so as you expect, I was familiar with the place, and I had really missed it. I almost felt like a stranger, when I got there; everything was different. The whole building had been renovated and everything seemed new, even the food, they had new dishes in the menu, and the taste of the food was just perfect. The book store besides the cafeteria had also had also been renovated; it had new faces, people, I had not seen before, when I got in there, I felt like a total stranger, in a place I was once very familiar with.

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Out of curiosity, I decided to go to the entertainment hall, and to my surprise, it had been changed too. The video games were now on the walls on the projector screens, the pool tables which were previously there had been removed. In the midst of this surprise, I met couple of familiar faces there, those people whom I used to know in the past. I ran as fast as I could and hugged them, we talked and laughed for some time; it is only after that that I calmed down.

Finally it was time to go to class; on reaching at the venue, it was empty as well. I felt so bored; I did not want to be alone in a strange place. Thanks to my laptop, I was able to keep myself busy on face book chatting and reading/ sending mails. Staying in the venue for almost an hour and seeing nobody, I felt that maybe I was lost. I had to look for help; I quickly posted a message on face book asking whether I was in the right venue for the English class. Finally, I saw a blonde, beautiful and tall girl walking over to the place where I was seated. Her beauty was irresistible; I found myself gazing at her, forgetting that I was doing something else. We said hallo to each other, and in the process of chatting, I realized that I had missed on the subjects that were taught on the first day. This lady was heaven sent; can you imagine a stranger volunteering to take help you catch up on the class you missed? I realized that her beauty was not only physical; it was in her heart too. I was fascinated by such a kind gesture from completely strange person.

Minutes later, I saw James, a friend of mine, walking into the class. I was so shocked, but at the same time happy. I did not expect him to be a student, leave alone being in the same class with me. I screamed with happiness and ran towards him and hugged him. I was so happy, that I had two friends already, a good way to start social life in a new place.

Other students came in one after the other and soon the class was full. Not so long afterwards, our English teacher walked in and greeted us. She talked with a soft and firm voice; from her voice, you could tell that she meant every word she said. This got everyone’s attention in class, and the teaching proceeded smoothly. However, my desire to socialize and get acquainted with new people was constantly present on my mind and did not allow me to concentrate. The lesson soon came to an end and we proceeded for the next class; math. There was a sharp contrast between the two classes. The math teacher was very dull, as opposed to the interesting English teacher. This made this particular class very boring; I wish I had the guts to let the teacher know, that keeping the class lively is very important. U can bet that I could not even have dared trying to do a thing like that, lest I be taken out of class for disrespecting the teacher. Soon afterwards, the class came to an end.

James and I went to cafeteria, since we had a lot to catch up on. There, we found a group of students, who were James’ friends. Out of that group, I knew only one lady July, whom James used to bring to a couple of my parties. James referred to her as “new shoes”, meaning that she was still a virgin. Three of us talked for along time, people used to come and leave. I met some really nice and cute girls and I hope to get to know them better. Time ran fast and it was 3 pm already. I got to the bus and went back home to continue my usual life. Nevertheless, I can confidently say that my first day at school was good, and I hope it is the beginning of new and good period in my life.


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