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In today’s world, making profit is not the only aim in any business. Each business has got a responsibility of giving back to the society. This is what is regarded to as the ethical issues in the business environment. In other term, it is known as the corporate social responsibility of any business and is abbreviated (C.S.R). There are a variety of business issues which are categorized into three; environmental, societal, and stakeholders’ ethical issues. These are the issues which each manager is expected to work on so to achieve the short term and the long term goals of the organization(Matten, 2010).

In most of the organizations they take the bureaucratic type of organization structure. This is where things are done in hierarchical manner that is from the top level form of management to the floor or the supporting employees in the firm, industry or the organization itself. This is also what is regarded to as the orders flowing from above where employees are supposed to do according to these orders. In this case the managers should employ the ethical issues to achieve the best results for the organization.

Environmental issues are a form of business ethical issue which requires the organization to be sensitive to its surroundings with the regard to its operations. Any organization should engage itself to business activities which are environmental friendly. The question left point blank to every organization is, what are the implication of business activities to the environment? For example, firms or organizations which are involved in the production of any commodities should control what is emitted to their surroundings. Pollution is the term which should be avoided to any organization at any cost. Organizations should be involved in the activities which do not put the life of human beings at risk.

Over the years, companies which manufacture chemical ended up releasing harmful contents to the environment. These are the chemicals which ended up harming the ozone layer. This is the layer which protects us from the ultraviolent rays from the sun. These rays are harmful to the life of human beings for the reason that they cause skin culture. This is also what has greatly resulted to what is known as the global warming in most parts of the world. This has brought serious problems to the life of man such as drought. Many rivers which are the source of water for irrigation come to a point of drying up. This has consequently resulted to death of animals and drying up of plants for the lack of water. This should be avoided by companies which apply ethical measure in their production activities.

There are measures which can be applied in the production activities which result to emission of harmful chemicals in the air as the human surrounding. There has been a measure of the introduction of the scrubbing process. This is by passing the harmful gases through a chamber in which chemical reactions take place reducing the harmful gases to harmless gases. For instance if there is the emission of lead carbonate which is harmful to the environment can be passed through a chambers which have got reducing agents. These reducing agents are the ones which can reduce it to lead oxide which is harmless to the surrounding. The companies which produce products which are non-biodegradable should recycle these products instead of disposing them to the environment. Alternatively, firms or the organizations which may otherwise use the waste products as their raw materials should be put up in order to reduce pollution. For example, a company which uses sawdust to manufacture cardboards as the raw materials should be put up near a timber industry.

The societal concern is the other category of ethical issues which should be employed by the managers. This is to bring satisfaction from the end users of their products. In law terms, business is taken as a human being reason being that it can sue or can be sued in a court of law if it involves itself in ultravias activities. If the company is involved in issues of producing drugs, it is often regarded to be conducting activities which are illegal. Business firms should be involved in production of products which are healthy to human beings.

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As a solution to this ethical problem, firms should only be involved in activities which are in tune to laws of the country which they are found in. These are the activities which may be illegal according to the laws of the land. This means that as a human being, it is expected to give back to the society in which it operates in. an organization can give back to the society by paying taxes which is used in the provision of social amenities such as health services and education. Evasion of tax should not be practiced in the organization set up with the aim of maximizing their profit at the end of the day(Donaldson, 1991). Some managers give false information regarding issues of their financial position of their business. This will result to under calculation of the tax the pay to the relevant authority.

Some of prominent businesses realize so much profit. The realized profit can be used to provide some of their finances in helping the less fortunate members of the society. These less fortunate members in the society are the people who have got the capability of doing and achieving much but their stabling block is financial inadequacy. By doing this the company becomes part of the society and wins loyalty from the members of the community. The loyalty achieved from the customers make them to improve their services to its consumers by the information retrieved. The sales team is in a position to carry out an outside in operation rather than the business practicing an inside in strategy. The managers are in position to make informed decisions in setting the goals of the firm. It makes production of commodities which are only required by the final consumers possible and easy what makes it easy to for the organization to achieve their aim.

Managers as the representatives of the stake holders should have values which are put in place in order to ensure they meet what is expected from them. Managers should practice primary orientations which are focused in achieving the best results. The primary orientations of businesses include; a compliance-based approach, value based approach, a satisfying external stakeholders, and protecting senior management approach.

In compliance based approach is an orientation approach which is focused primarily on preventing, detecting as well as punishing those who appear to be violating the law. Managers should use all what is available in their business in order to prevent their employees from being engaged in activities which may be termed unlawful. This can be solved through taking the employees to seminars and workshops.

It is in these seminars where the workers or the employees are educated on the issues concerning the law, emerging technology among other ethical responsibilities. Education provided in these seminars help them from practices which may be termed as ad hoc. This is producing products using technology which has been passed by time. In order for business to compete fairly with the competitors it must produce goods using the recent technological advance. Technology has turned up to be a dynamic factor in the production process if not dealt with it may result to a company producing outdated products.

The second primary orientation is value based approach. This is dedicated in defining organization values, mission and vision. It is equally importance for all employees to be conversant with company’s values which pronounce the ultimate goal of the organization. Being in a position to know the organization value is an important part, through practicing these values is the most fundamental part. Employees should be encouraged to practice these values through rewarding the ones who are the best practices.

Managers should satisfy external stakeholders in hope to maintain the already existing image of the business or improve it. For businesses which are starting, it is important to start with creating this good image of the firm to pubic. If the firm is not in very good terms with the publics it should do something in order to improve their image to publics. This is doing justice to the society by producing goods which satisfy the needs of the consumers and bring satisfaction. The external stakeholders are also part of the business hence good relations should be maintained. This is done through the act of managers inventing properly and wisely. Business resources at the same time should not be misused by activities which are not of any benefit to the organization. They should only be used to meet the organization goals.(Globalization and Workers' Rights, 2008)

Achievement of any business is achieved from the coordination of efforts between the managers and employees. Everyone in the organization should be recognized in goals achieved in the organization. This can also be applied as a method to motivate employees what makes them offer many efforts to the organization. On the other hand top managers should not be blamed for any failures encountered. It is unethical for blame to be casted on them though they are held responsible for it. To provide solution for this, top level managers and owners of the business should be protected from these blames and threats form the failures through rules which protect them.

Businesses should also raise its concern to the society in provision of employment to the members of the society. This makes the business to have a sense of belonging to a particular society in which it operates in.

The other vital category of ethical issue to be administered by any managers who dream of achieving the objectives of the organization is the stakeholder ethical issue. Managers are chosen to act on behalf of stakeholders in that stakeholders lack the skills needed and all of them cannot be the managers at the same time. This can be achieved through the managers inventing wisely, maximizing of profits through the use of the next available materials. This should be achieved at a minimum cost possible to maximize profit which is one of the main aims of the organization. All what are needed here is managers applying all the attributes of a good manager such as the leadership role, taking of risks, hardworking managers among other attributes. In solution of this problem of managers which are incompetence is employing managers who deserve the position from their skills and not by their names.

These are basically the three levels of ethical issues to be applied by the managers of any organization. The solution to these ethical problems which may be found in any organizations should be employed to take care of the issues which may make them not achieve the best results overall.


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