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Free «The Betrayal of Canada» Essay Sample

Initially, Brian Mulroney was opposed to free trade agreement between Canada and US. Free trade Agreement posed a great threat to the economy of Canada. However, he was optimistic that the trade would help in sustaining the economy growth of Canada which in turn would ensure prosperity.

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Conservatives could not understand the sudden shift of mind by Brian Mulroney who initially was opposed to the idea of free trade.

Brian Mulroney on the other hand is convinced that free trade is a ‘selling job’ which very crucial for sustaining the economy of the country. With a major aim of passing the message to the electorate that the trade initiative is good for the public.

Mulroney hoped that by keeping people uniformed of his strategy, he would ensure a sustainable economy without any objection.

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Without educating the public, encouraging debate, or examining the issues ate stake, Mulroney managed to marshal great campaigners to convince the public of the importance of Free Trade Agreement.

The campaigns were funded by government taxes and other undisclosed sources most of which were foreign corporations. It is clear that the federal elections are manipulated by big businesses and corporations especially if the person to be elected shall protect their interest at the expense of the public.

Public –interest organizations who are opposed to Free Trade Agreement have less say in the federal elections since they largely depend on individual donations and less of funds from large corporations.

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Therefore, the large corporations exert control on federal elections by funding two-third of the national political parties as well as by involving in direct political interventions.

In 1988, the free trade federal elections every media possible to convince the public of the immense benefits accrued to free trade. The conservative government in collaboration with big business promised Canadians that both the economy and social structure would be greatly improved by free trade.  Any opposing views were tagged as ‘scaremongers’

Many people were skeptical of Mulroney’s governance. However, he manipulatively got his way to the highest post.

It is devastating that some businesses were also negligent of the possible detrimental effects of free trade until they started experiencing the ordeal. 

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