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It is my pleasure to apply for the admission as a student in your renowned Masters of Philosophy school for Chinese studies. I have also finished my graduate studies in social education and I had an outstanding performance in the final examination, especially in social science and arts subjects. My long-standing interest in the field of Chinese studies combined with the broad foundation acquired from the short course and intern programs encouraged me to choose to enroll in this program. In this context, I have realized the importance of Chinese studies, because of its multidisciplinary approach to multicultural studies and arts.

The basis of my consideration forthis research is because of my participation in the international, transnational and national research has led me to believe that the traditional way of conducting Chinese studies is in need of a serious rethinking. The aim of this research proposal is to investigate comprehensively the rise and flourishment of the Chinese studies using the diverse cultures’ perspectives. The research will discuss realistically a series of heatedly debated issues such as the influence of the literature tradition of middle ages, the relationship between philosophy, religion and literature (Connor, Nagelhout & Rozycki, 2008). The research will analyze objectively the literature features of Chinese studies and their inter-influences. Connor, Nagelhout & Rozycki (2008) says that the findings of this research proposal will deepen the research of Chinese culture in this area, besides developing a new way for the foreign literature research of China.

My success in the previous studies lies in the fact that I approached my studies with great professionalism. I also worked closely with my tutors, who I felt were more qualified in my areas of interest. Again, another important factor for my success was that I did not settle for low grades. During my studies, I always wanted to improve my performance and examine areas, which I needed to work hard on. Through this, I have been able to realize my areas of interest in Chinese studies. My success in this field, will point out the niche in the existing academic ecosystem and at the same time avoid face threatening acts, which are perhaps the major concerns of the Chinese studies. The research will discuss and decide the outline of the policies of national language and respective writers for each country (Connor, Nagelhout & Rozycki, 2008). The study will also specify the means by which literature will be collected. The research will be conducted by combining theoretical and experimental research.

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Earning a Master of Philosophy in this field will enable me to explore certainly the economic conditions of the present booming of the Chinese studies and the relationship between Chinese studies and a particular kind of market economy in China (Xu, 1999). The research will focus on the cognitive aspect of the group formation in a professional ideal of the new Chinese’s studies, because cognitive commonality is indispensable if professionals are to coalesce into an effective group. It is important to note that the ideal of normalization or standardization of the Chinese studies is primarily not about the subject matter of knowledge, but rather about a particular kind of knowledge, that meets certain standards of acquisition and verification (Xu, 1999).

The research will seek to define a new paradigm of the Chinese studies and it will contain a special concept of change. Xu (1999) says that the change will not be so rapid or fragmentary that it precludes the possibility of socializing the aspiring scholars into a recognizable group. The research will determine that the symbolic character of the new Chinese studies cannot be understood apart from its normative imperative. According to Xu (1999), returning to the classical model of the new Chinese studies is a symbolic attitude of criticism in the face of the current academic indecency. The research will therefore determine if this indecency in contemporary academic behaviors such as making haughty comments in other people’s fields and attacking other peoples conclusions without paying attention to their arguments.

During the research, I will relate the normative function of research to the necessity of rules for defining argumentative terms, evaluating evidence, analyzing and arriving at conclusions. The research will be treated not only as a pragmatic activity that guarantees valid research, but also as a behavior model that has normative benefits for the studies as well (Xu, 1999). A review on the literature of the main success factors of Chinese studies show a trend far from putting an emphasis on the quantitative aspects towards the insertion of qualitative factors in the Chinese studies.

This research proposal is designed to assess the potential of the Chinese studies and at the same time identify multiple factors that may predict learner’s success. The study is based on fifth inclusion of multiple approaches for data collection in order to design narratives. The research will investigate whether a combination of results from the tests on skills and emotional intelligence, as well as questionnaires and other indicators predicts the success of Chinese studies.

Chinese studies often employ professional elitism, which is an outlook that takes this distinction to be fundamental in understanding cultural activities and their social meanings. The research will therefore elicit the elite as the only source of worthy knowledge and culture, the exclusive guardian of quality, the privileged preserver of standards, and the unquestionable locus of expertise and authority (Xu, 1999). During the research, it will be noted that the professional norms of the Chinese studies is not confined strictly to the narrow purpose of paradigm building but promulgated as a form of rational discourse of democratic potential.

Based on the most recent developments in the field of Chinese studies, it is expected that this research will contribute to the expantion of the theory base on the Chinese studies into the one that is more inclusive, holistic and context based. The research will further equip professionals with predictors for scholastic and tertiary success. The value of this research lies in engaging positive psychology issues in the Chinese studies.

The research methods of this project will include collecting materials, researching on a special topic, academic seminar and evaluations by experts (Connor, Nagelhout & Rozycki, 2008). This proposal will insist on combining theory and practice using teaching practice as the fundamental basis and final evaluation criterion of the theoretical research. Connor, Nagelhout & Rozycki (2008) noted that the study will attach importance to the link between history and the present life, respect historical experience and pay attention to the various emerging issues. The research will lay emphasis on the contrastive studies, draw on the updated research achievements overseas, and develop the useful and discard the useless by relating to the reality of Chinese elementary education curriculum reform and development.

Therefore, I wholeheartedly and sincerely present my application to the admissions commission of the Master of Philosophy in Chinese studies to be considered. Basing on my previous knowledge in the field, I have an outstanding motivation and capability for the research, exceptional communication skills and at the same time, I am a hardworking and humble person. I would greatly appreciate, if you will favorably consider my application to the Master of Philosophy school of the Chinese studies.


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