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The health system pharmacy in the United States has experienced several challenges for many years. This can be attributed to poor administering of health products to patients and also high costs of the medication. Another problem is the lack of hospitals’ accessibility, thus people who are far from the health facilities opt for home medication which may be dangerous. There is also the problem of high hospital costs; hence patients call cheaper health practitioners who might be under qualified. My interest in the health system pharmacy is to try and help people to make the best use of medications. This goal can be achieved by means of advancing and supporting the professional practice of pharmacists at hospitals. Another way is by serving as their collective representative for issues relating to the use of medications and the public health.

The multiple challenges that the health system in the United States are facing can be attributed to the continuing use of old models of administering medical services to patients. This system has proved itself to be quite unreliable especially in emergencies. Some patients might not fully afford these services; hence they totally disregard the set health systems pharmacy. The culture of medicine has been undergoing some gradual transformations for the past several decades in order to improve services of health system. In the 20th century health care services were provided by individuals in their private practices, which can be considered autonomous, and also made their decisions following their basic individual knowledge and experience.  This mechanism is the cause of current challenges in the health system since wrong medical services are continuously being provided to the people (American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 2010, p. 14). The modern 21st century medical system was introduced to ensure that the quality of provided medication to patients is up-to the required standard. These practices are also aimed at ensuring that there is continuous health improvement. Hence, my interest in health system pharmacy comes from my strong passion to be a part of such a team by sharing the decision-making burden to ensure proper medication is administered to patients.

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The modern medicine is dynamic especially what concerns introduction of new information and technologies. Health system pharmacy is advocating for the mechanism of problem sharing since no single individual is likely to be concerned. There is a need to have some appreciations for the 20th century types of medication and seek the alternative approaches towards improving the quality of care that patients receive. The Health System Pharmacy therefore involves international professional teams which confront these challenges. This can be achieved by developing hospital-wide or some unit-specific treatment algorithms and policies to be used for improvement undertakings. Some of the policies that might be addressed are related to the topics of anticoagulant selections, dosing, therapy durations, laboratory and clinical monitoring, the adverse event management, the transition care provided, for example, time of transfer from intensive care unit to medical floor. Discharging planning should also be re-examined, and, finally, standardized order sets for anticoagulants should be established (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, 2010, p. 54).

My interest in the Health System Pharmacy therefore is developed from my desire to improve the current health system. This can be achieved by forming an association of professionals and I can contribute to it using the following strategies;

1.        The system should significantly enhance patients’ health-related quality of life by exercising the leadership that is aimed to improve both the use of medications by individuals and also the overall process of medication use.

2.         Pharmacists should be the primary individuals who are responsible for any types of medications used and drug distribution systems. 

3.         Pharmacists should be recognized as the main patient care providers and most addressed by the patients in order to help them to achieve maximum benefits from their therapy.

4.         The leadership role should be adopted in order to continuously improve and redesign current medication use processes according to the intended goal of achieving significant advances on the patients’ safety, health-related outcomes, and also efficiency.

5.         Lead to the development of evidence-based medication-use programs that will ensure best practices and also have a positive image among patients, health professionals, administrators and also public policy makers.


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