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The books and excerpts that I have read have been of great benefit to my studies. Through these excerpts and books, I have learnt several elements of language such as the use of common phrases in a context, some vocabulary and different structures of language. Thus, I have improved my skills in communication by using some of the aspects of language well elaborated in the course books and excerpts.

In the lectures and presentations, I engaged in a number of activities. The structure of the lectures and presentations always adheres to the learning and challenge curve. The presenter or lecturer begins his/her instruction by introducing and thereafter elaborating on the study theme , provides several examples, answer questions from the students and finally poses questions and self-assessment tasks. In class, I have learnt that practice plays crucial in understanding learnt concepts. As a student, I diligently make notes on every learnt topic, and always ask for clarification whenever I fail to understand or encounter any difficulty in my studies. I am keen in the classes, and faithfully attend all meetings and classes. As a communicator, I can rate myself as average for I can articulately convey my ideas to the audience.

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Writing is one of the ways in which I have improved my learning. With writing, unlike speaking, I have the opportunity to go through my work and eliminate mistakes. One of the tools that aided me in readings is the self-assessment questions posed (Hubbard 201). These questions gave me the opportunity to engage in a preset scenario in which my response must relate to the questions posed. My writing has improved in regards to the tense of the content. Writing allows me the opportunity to exercise tense corrections in referring to a premeditated act. Through writing and answering questions, I have been able to use the reported and passive constructs.

The one-song presentations are one of the best ways to educate students, and I have greatly benefited from them. The most important thing on the songs is the proper tense and constructs in the songs. The group presentations in regards to literature, particularly Beatnick night and other literature scripts have been helpful in enriching my vocabularies. The essence of literature in my studies is the implementation of the proper flow of ideas in communicating. Literature is rich and the wants I have regarding the sector is the exercising of full language constructs via standardization.

Films and film journals are an entertaining and interesting way of learning. The learning channels are modern and are of great interest thus help in maintaining a high degree of concentration on the particulars of learning. I have picked up some terminologies from these media and used it in its respective constructs and contents.

Music, literature and society are broadly based on singular communities. I have learnt that these forms of literature are specific to a given society and they are mostly governed by the independence and rights that are offered to the artists (Boud 172). The literature elements are helpful in my studies, for through them, I am able to understand the society and its preferred communication channels and constructs. Elements such as accents and pauses in speech have a profound effect on the message contained in the constructs.

My journal entities are a necessity in learning since they help me in tracking my learning curve. My journal entities have shown me that continued practice has an improving effect on learning. The initial learning stages were marred with numerous mistakes in tense, spelling and grammar. My journals show an improving trend with respect to communication, and thus a discovery that continued learning and practice has impacted positively on my communication skills in reading, speaking and writing.


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