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Children are prone to be harmed by the influence of negative setting on their consciousness.  To identify the problem of harmful impact of video games on the development of children, it is necessary to find the causes and results of the influence.  The core of the issue is in the use of video games with violent of sexual content.  A number of researches have reported harmful changes in the children’s mood, behavior, development, socialization, and academic performance.  To find a solution of the issue, it is necessary to conduct a survey of the existing ideas, offer their improvement or generalize new productive ones.  The method of creative thinking offered by Rugiero (2009) that has been used in the research, determines the following stages are to be performed: the “problem identification”; finding a “personal challenge”; obtaining necessary information; and “production of ideas” (p.105). The solution to the problem is the engagement of the complex control measures: to adopt necessary legislation on the limitation of the harmful games age of use; and to provide parental control. Among the other measures to be taken, buying the minor a pet and limiting the pocket money can solve the problem effectively.

Solve a Problem Paper

1. Identifying the Problem of the Harmful Impact of the Violent Video Games on Children

In order to identify the problem of the harmful video games impact on children, it is necessary to analyze their influence on the under-developed psychology of the minors and its consequences. The problem identification, which is the first part of a problem solution process, consists of the following basic steps: “searching for challenges and expressing the particular problem” (Rugiero, 2012, p. 105).

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The challenge searching begins with looking for something unresolved, but important for people. The main attribute of such a flaw is the personal perception of “dissatisfaction” that shows what can be changed for better (Rugiero, 2009, p. 119). In the case with the children, the signs of the problem may be noted by parents, teachers, friends, and other people from their setting. The signs that may reveal the harmful impact of the video-staff are as follows: long time that children spend on playing games, increased aggression, frequent confrontations with adults, fighting with peers, and declining in school achievements (Gentile et al., 2004); “emotional desensitization” in relation to violence in the real life (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2000); “coarse language” of children, early engagement in sexual intercourses, and “displacement of important activities” (Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2003, p. 1); and obesity ” (Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2004, p. 2)

The next stage, problem identification, consists of the exact problem formulation.  According to Rugiero (2009), a researcher should be creative enough to contrive a number of ideas so that to pick out the most successful definition of the problem among them (p. 127). To find appropriate variations of the problem definition, a proper question should be answered, such as: “How can the harmful impact on children of the violent video games be reduced or prevented?” Therefore, the problem to be solved may be identified as the problem of the harmful impact of violent video games on children.

2. Finding Solutions to Cope With the Problem

The next steps to be taken to solve a problem are its deeper investigation and generation of ideas relevant to the matter.  The investigation consists of learning more about the problem, reading appropriate publications and gathering other information helpful for its solution.  The final part of the creative thinking process is the production of fruitful ideas to an efficient problem solution.

To generate the necessary ideas, one should be aware of the present situation.  The following steps were taken or offered to cope with the issue of the harmful impact of the violent games on children: some states adopted the laws prohibiting sales of the video games containing violence or explicit sexual actions, though businesses lobbied abolition of the regulations (Schlosser, 2005); by analogy, governments of a few states adopted laws that prescribed a “three-pronged ”examination of the games for the “prurient, shameful or morbid content, suitability of the adult content for minors, and the assessment of its overall value for the latter” (Anderson, 2006); and parents may limit the children video gaming activity, setting special devices to prevent use of any harmful content or engaging the “bedroom media-free” rule (Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2003).

Therefore, the ideas that can be offered, additionally to the ones mentioned above, can be as follows: to limit the pocket money of the child playing the harmful games; to bye a dog or another pet that needs to go out several times a day and oblige the child to walk with it; to enroll the child into a local sports or another program for children that will consume its free time; to ask the local video game store shop-assistant not to sell any harmful staff etc. Buying a pet and limiting the pocket money seem to be the most fruitful solutions of the problem, because they will act in different spheres of the child’s interests—will limit the free time of the child and financially interest it not to get engaged into the activities causing physical and psychological harm.


The method of creative thinking by Rugiero was used to identify and solve the problem of the harmful impact of the violent video games on the children. The main challenge of the problem is to create the healthy environment for the children and protect their under-developed psychology from the harmful impact of the violent games. A number of the existing, but insufficient, solutions were found. The game industry lobby blocked the legislative measures that could have influenced the problem in the most effective way. Therefore, the solution of the problem is in the parental control. The most efficient way to stop playing the harmful games is to engage the children into outdoor activities and to optimize the financial relations between them and their parents.


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