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My role in the group as the organizer was to act as a leader and guide the entire project until its completion. Secondly, I compiled the time line for the project, set the due date for the respective parts of the project, and informed the group members regarding the dates that they were supposed to have completed their assigned roles. The members were involved in establishing the timeline and action plans and developing the suitable goals of the project. Thirdly, I set the date for submission of the final draft and at the end of the project, I uploaded it. I was also actively involved in making sure the other members in the group, which are the researcher, PowerPoint creator and the editor, also carried out their respective roles appropriately. I assisted the members with their questions and other tasks, such as gathering some data for the project, providing feedback on the compiled document and PowerPoint. I performed many coordination functions, which helped in ensuring that the project was completed on time.

Under my supervision and direction, the members of the groups carried out their respective roles appropriately as assigned apart from the writer. There was a setback in the project, when the writer dropped from the class and everyone in the group had to write a little bit and post on the portal. I pointed the places, where things were not in order and the members made corrections, which ensured the project was of good quality. All people worked very hard and had no problem taking up the role of a writer, although they had been assigned their own roles. In addition to fulfilling their respective roles, the members also worked together and assisted each other to complete the project and to ensure that the project got a high score. Generally, my role was managing the performance of the rest of the members of the group and providing ongoing feedback about their performance. My effective supervision led to better work performance and created a congenial and co-operative environment, which all helped in increasing project goals accomplishment.


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