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Why do we even choose to go to community college at some point in life? Do we want to be just more educated, or are we seeking for a degree to achieve our career goals? All of us, we have set of goals settle in our mind as academic, career, relationships, where to live, how to live, and etc. The most two common topics, all people in young ages should set a wise plan for, are academic goals and career goals, to start build up a good life for future. Based on this, the two main reasons people decide to go to community colleges are getting an Associate degree, or transfer to a four-year colleges. But how community colleges can help students achieving, or at some point fail to achieve their academic and career goals?

Community colleges are the first step for whoever has bigger dreams for their future academic and career goals. This means community colleges play the main role to help out student achieving their plans. First and most important step is how to organize and priorities your academic plan to get your degree or transfer to a four-year college on time. There are a lot of things that needs to be outlined before or right after you start college, that you may only figure this out by seeking help from college professionals such as counselors, Interacting with professors and talking to senior students. Many students fail passing classes or get out of the track only because they don’t have enough information or they don’t know how to manage and priorities. Community colleges need to be very strong in order to inform student about counseling and maybe make this as a “must” before starting each semester. Talking face to face and having private session with each individual student help them out to set a good educational plan and inform them about what can be the best way for them to achieve their goals as fast as possible, and also about what can prevent them from reaching their plans. Community colleges should also offer an individual orientation for having a face to face conversation with instructor. This may help student to feel more comfortable talking to professors and having private session in their office hours during semester and always communicate with instructor about whatever makes question for them from class. As Rob Jenkins notes, “more face-to-face interaction with instructors and other students; more conferences in their professors’ offices; more private one –on-one tutoring sessions and more personal connections with students outside of class”.These are all various suggestions have been proposed in order to help all students meet their goals easier. As a personal experience I am a migrated student from different country. When I first moved here I did not know anything about how colleges system works here. I did not even aware that where I can gain some information and how can I set a plan? What classes I should take and I am required to if I want to transfer as an art major? How should I even apply? In a world of questions I started applying for a community college close to our home and register the classes I guessed might be the one I should take. When I apply and even after I register I had never informed and never talked to anybody in private session about my educational plan. After almost two years taking classes and talking to students and my professors I slowly figured what I studied in past two years was almost useless and I did not most of those classes for transferring as an art major.

Another thing community colleges should more focus on is helping student with financial aid. Thousands of students refusing graduation from colleges just because of financial issues. (ONE PERSONAL EXAMPLE NEEDED HERE*** and more extending the paragraph and more details)

As a result Colleges has a main role for student meeting their goals and this could they could be the way more helpful only by improving the counseling system for students and also improving individual sessions for interacting one-to-one sessions with instructors. This can prevent failing student from reaching their academic and career goals by making this as a “must” for each student and help them be the one they were dreaming in their mind. And also help them with financial issues such as scholrships, loans and pell grants could also be helpful.


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