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I fully agree with Jacoby that the Americans are becoming less literate owing to the decrease in reading and awareness of political and cultural issues. The new trends of anti-intellectualism prevail in the America society; people learn everything through the electronic or digital media.

The decrease in reading and awareness of political and cultural issues is attributed to widespread and subsequent dominion of the video culture over the print culture. “Books, newspapers and magazine reading has already declined and the drop offs is more pronounced among the youths” (Jacoby 12).

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The word ‘infotainment’ is a combination of two words; information and entertainment. It has been used in the article to mean that the digital media not only provides vital information but also entertains the people. From Jacoby’s analysis of anti-intellectualization, the prediction that the 24/7 infotainment will destroy the future American culture has been overtaken by time. This largely leads to a decline in the levels of intellectuality. The phrase: ‘dumbness has been steadily defined downwards’ means that the challenge of less intellectuality is on the increase over the recent past. In the past few decades, video culture has triumphed over print culture.

According to Thompson, we write more than we used to. Currently, a lot of socializing is done online. People always write for the audience as opposed to the Stanford students who did not have the audience but a professor. Today, writing is all about the art of persuasion, organization of information and debate. However, in the past the students just wrote to get grade.

I am personally convinced that the web will actually create new possibilities and how meanings of different words are understood on the basis that the near infinite space in the web gives us the chance to give the definitions and live examples of how the words are used in the contemporary world.


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