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How people invested in the corporations, to get returns, is the issue taking my attention. This has revealed that the desire to accumulate wealth is something that began a long time ago. In this article, the three main things include the importance of the corporation over other forms of business, need for the corporation to be socially responsible, and the use of government regulation as the tool to control the corporation powers (Bakan, 2004). This article proves that the corporation affects the life of the society, which I thought to be the other way round. The reading was resourceful on the corporation, although I expected it to cover more on competition among corporations. The reading surprised me on pointing out that corporation as a form of business was once banned, which leaves doubt concerning their being the best business forms.

This reading has made me uphold the needs of the society and always be responsible for my actions. It has made me learn to treat the society with respect, which will be my virtue in the future. This reading has covered a lot on the corporation, but I am still not sure that the corporation is the most powerful business form (Bakan, 2004). This is because partnerships as business forms are still useful in the economy and some business are only viable through partnerships as required by the law. This reading has captured my attention on the history of the corporation and ways of mobilizing capital for business investment (Bakan, 2004). I would like to read more on these two issues to have insights concerned. The reading was interesting although it never addressed other business forms. In the future, I will concentrate in reading more on issues affecting businesses, society, and the government (Bakan, 2004).


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