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My favorite season is summer because the atmosphere is quite conducive and exquisite for celebrations that quench the hard work after school. Summer has longer days and calm warm weather that promotes activity and that is when I find time to tag along with the professional event planning, wedding and engage party organizers. I usually meet with people of great creativity in attracting tourists and people who like the charming heat of summer as I do. The most amazing management policy that I leant during my favorite season summer was how event organizers have adopted the internet and particularly social media to attract lovers and honeymooner tourists.

At first I used to love winter snow sports like ice hockey since I was curious about sliding effortlessly on smooth snow plates for eternity. The snow would act like soft Merion sheep wool to cushion me against falls. Then, it struck my senses that a heavenly skidding snow ground with shrewd coldness without the sweet flames of sunlight giving warm was like darkness in a tiny tunnel. Winter exhausted my mind with coldness and darkness that I desired charming flames of fire and sunlight. Then during the summer of 2010 I decided to explore but I wanted to join the troupe that would unveil the lush tropical summer beaches that I only read in novels. I final found a Manhattan based firm that was looking for volunteers to join hand for a Jamaica trip to someplace they called Paradise Island. The sensation of crispy sand tickling my feet filled my mind that I enrolled and join the trip that dazzled my imagination opening an new world of awareness altogether.

We were welcomed by a leisure engaging picturesque and instructed to join a team of writers who were diligently engaging social networks’ users; luring lovers to the newly created summer vocation center. The new Summer Vocation ground was built taking after a waterfall with a wide front yard comprised of dazzling golden beach with white stones and enough space for thousands of tourists. The advertising agency I was attached to during the 2010 summer holidays opened my mind to the advertising marketing segment since we leant how to publicize luxurious rooms to wealth clients. Amazingly, three quarters of the population we targeted were honeymooners. According to the local hotel statistics, 65% of the thousands of visitors who visit the Caribbean island are honeymooners seeking out for the best that nature provide. The management of the timber-built villa choice of the Summer Vacation a spot ground must have been delicate since the weather remained sunny with high summer heat that caused sun buns being offset by a very cold North East trade wind that reminded me of the winter cold numbness in a soothing manner though thus creating an eccentric atmosphere. Honeymooners were seduced by the bright orange, golden and delicious white roses whose rosy smell induced serene calmness. I puffed at the sweet aroma of the blue sea and enhanced my body and mind to purge at the darkness and coldness associated with winter. I was inspired by the summer campaign activity that I would lead a part time summer troupe for catering honeymooner to make some capital. I learn that the ground was hired for a price of two couples; the trees that made the villa look green and ever warm were potted plants inserted into well fug holes. Amazingly, the golden sand beaches looked better and more inspiring to newlywed couples but the only expense remained as a few tons of golden polished sand for a few dollars. The creativity behind the wealth creating package mesmerize my mind and I saw the director of the summer vocation group, a young man who had just graduated chopper himself checking to make sure the management was hard enough on us to take the most exquisite photography shots that made the villa look like a paradise haven for the selected few. Lastly, honeymoon culture of serving a new arriving coupe with Caribbean aphrodisiac wine at the verdant green manicured lawns of the white resort under sunlight created a bond between the honeymooners who shared a spiritual bond of getting married at the most amazing summer holiday.


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