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Dear Gawande,

Yourarticle‘Testing Testing’ published on 14th December, 2009 opens with the statement ‘The health-care bill has no master plan for curbing costs. Is this that a bad thing?’ The article touches on how high costs in American hospitals have increased the number of premature deaths. This leads to people losing their loved ones and someare leftorphans and eventuallyturnto the government to help themjointheschooland get some basic needs. Someturnto their relatives, to seek forhelpthat is sometimes not available, and they end up living miserably in their entire life.

Thisarticleis touching; especially when it talks about how thousands of people are dying and yet the cost of medical is still rising twice a decade before. Medical bills are taking almost eighteen percent of the dollars people are earning. The package on health reform package has at least solved this problem through establishing tax credits, insurance exchanges and mandates that have helped people get adecentmedicalcover. This is necessary since they not worry on the medical bills. However, with the rising medical costs, many people are unable to pay the insurance cover, and this has resulted to people’s death.

The health sector has employed more machines and employees in order to improve the service, but this has not been achieved yet. With the electronic, the employees in the United Statesare supposedtoworkeffectively, and for more hours, but this does not happen. The systems in the health sector are amoneydrainnot because they are not operating efficiently but because they areinconsistentanddisorganized. The employeesneglectthose diseases that are oflowprofits such asmentalcareand geriatrics. Theymostlydeal with diseases that need high-cost technology such as radiology especially in aging and drugs of brand-name.

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With the many cases on mental illness, due to the fact many people are experiencing mental illness in their life; it isdecisivefor a country tocomeup with abodythat administers mental, related illness. This is because people who are indirectly or directly affected by mental illness have waited for so long, and need to be put into consideration. It is necessary for the national commission concerning mental health to improve on thesystemof mental illnessimmediatelybefore it is too late.

According to the office of the congressional budget, if the health care system is not going tomakelong-termreductionon the cost of medical cost, the government will spend a lot of money on health care, and this will affect the government, itsgrowthas well asemployment. This will help the readers, the government being one of them, look in to this issue andsolveit before it is difficult tosolve. Solving this problem on time will not onlybenefitthe government and the citizens affected, but also its economy, as well.

Agriculture is another issue that affected the country. This is a sector that helps the countrygroweconomically so as tohelpother sectors such as medical. This article touches this issue so sensitively and shows how it has seriously hindered most countries from developing. When agricultureis affected, the cost of thefoodrises and families struggles in paying for food. Farming ends up becoming labor intensive, and people end upbeing tiedup hindering them from working in other economic sectors.

As a result, familiesare forcedto reduce the cost of food so as to buy othergoods, and labor be made less dependent. Inefficiency in the farm sectors means that the yieldswill behighlyaffected; since theybecomelowchoices of cropswill be limitedand quality will beuneven. As a result, peoplewill be malnourishedsince they are taking foods that are not well balanced. Lack ofmoneytofeedthem, the cost of getting treatment from this expensive health centers will also be a problem. Theywill be forcedto stay at home, and this mayresultto death of many poor people; hence losing loved ones.

The mention of this issue in this article will help the government make improvements in the agricultural sector. The government departments dealing with agriculture shouldprovidefarmers withtimelydata so that they can makerationaldecisions on planting. Suchdatashould come from the weather forecasters who are able tostudywhen the weather would be beneficial for planting. Thisdatashould be reinstated for three years. Government should alsoupdateits storehouse continuously so that they are aware of the new technologies that emerge such asnewtypes of fertilizers, hybrids and new forms of mechanization. This will help the farmers use them more quickly and effectively. As a result, people willgetfoods that are of high quality such as dairy products, eggs, meat, vegetables and fresh fruits, discouraging foods that are of sub-standard quality.

Excellent agriculture will be of considerable help to both the government and the health centers since these two sectorsare closely related. They are complementary to each other whereby with unfailing agriculture the country’s economy is going toimprove, andhelpin funding the health centers. Moreover, the health of the people will significantly improve andhencereducing premature deaths of many people. With government funding the health sector, the costwill be cutdown and enabling the people afford to pay medical bills. The article is extremelyencouraging, since it will educate people on how to fight for their rights in order to improve their lives.

It is themomentfor the government to take action on these issues before the situation worsens.


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