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Music has been described as the spice of life. Without it life would be bland and monotonous and we would have nothing to dance to, to lift our spirits or just to soothe us after a long day. A concert is a live performance before an audience where the performer or performers may not have the benefit of editing that is usually done for music releases. Concerts are therefore the best and most unadulterated form of performance.

The performance is an instrumental and I would say the quality of the sound is bright, loud and strained. Bright because the different instruments give the sound a playful, vibrant and varying sound. The performers mingle the different sounds to present a rainbow of sounds. Vibrant because each of the band members seem to be wholly playing their parts and are awash with liveliness. Some of the instruments are heavy and require a lot of energy to operate such as the trombone which creates a lot of strain on the individual operating them. However, the band is full of seasoned members who know when and how to jump into the performance and one can barely detect the strain. The sound is well balanced.

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The piece evokes a romantic mood. The mellow sounds carry one off into an atmosphere where they are walking hand in hand with a lover in a park where the flowers are in bloom and they are filled with love for each other. The performance is programmatic and I feel it has portrayed the feeling of love as envisioned by the instrumentalists (Stevens 2009).

Listening with the brains ear as opposed to the physical ear is the best way of understanding the intellectual level of music. Melody is defined as a series of musical notes that form a distinct unit. The melancholic melody of appealing to a lover is the most prominent. It tugs at the heart strings all so gently that one cannot help but think of lovers past and current lovers. The band exaggerates this more by varying the harmony from high to low. The touch is soft and lovable. The rhythm of the performance varies depending on the exact emotion the band is trying to evoke. Sometimes it is melancholic to show a longing for, other times slow and sad to mourn the lovers lost. The timbre is very distinct as each instrument has a solo performance. The saxophone is of course used to spice up the performance while the guitar is played solemnly and the drum set quite dramatically.

The entertainers have immense stage existence. Their ensemble is very eye catching and some sport the long hair associated with artistes. They appear confident and engrossed with their instruments as well as their performance. The drummer likes a lot of attention and therefore exhibits a few flashy moves while all the while flowing very well with the rest of the band. The guitarist appears to have been a singer as once in a while he sings a few lines of the song being performed. The band does a very nice rendition of a few country songs while also toying with a few recent songs from the younger genres (Stevens 2009).

All in all the performance, being my first shattered a few myths as well as broadened my perspectives on concerts. Shattered because I always pictured instrumentals as boring and pretentious; but with the expert inclusion of the different instruments especially the saxophone and the drums it was very lively and fun to listen to.

My favorite part of the program was when the lead saxophonist called an amateur from the audience- who happened to be the very person I was accompanying- and they had a performance of a simple song with him (the lead singer) giving him a few pointers.

I very much liked the program and given the chance I would attend another. The audience was mostly a more mature crowd but there were a few scattered youth. I think the dismal turn up of youth is because they share my negative attitude toward instrumentals. To create awareness, organizers of youth oriented concerts should add a few instrumental performances to create a following.


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