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I can see a difference. After the assessment I realized that am better taking notes, and that I am a visual learner, which in turn, makes me better in critical thinking. I have also realized that academic integrity and critical thinking enables one in being original in their work.Proper use of wasted time and dealing with my egocentrism are the two strategies that assisted me in developing knowledge and motivation.

Through proper use of wasted time, I can learn a lot. Instead of idling around, I can spend the time on things that are worthy and which will matter in my future. Am also able to reflect and determine things that I do that contradict my values. The most important concept from the course is the realization of how crucial and all-encompassing social definitions are. It enables me to know that what I think leads to generation of the emotions which I experience. Taking a situation as a failure can lead to my getting depressed, while taking the same as a learning opportunity makes me feel empowered.

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I have learnt that to become a critical thinker, I have to identify and accept that there are flaws in my thinking, and then begin with regular practice to achieve critical thinking ability. Academic integrity has made me an honest student who does his homework through my own criticality and creativity, without breaking the rules and regulations set by my institution of learning. A resume sells one to potential employers because it contains ones qualifications, experience, skills that match their requirements. The more updated and precise a resume is about ones qualification and experience is, the higher the chances that prospective employer will pick on you for a job in their company.

My approach to school has changed greatly. Before the lessons, I thought of school as a place to add grades and certificate to the resume, through all means possible. Now I know school as a place where one has to apply various virtues as academic integrity in all cases and develop critical thinking. Actually the main purpose of a school is to develop the pupils’ level of critical thinking. I think I will be successful in my future courses and career after the class, because I will apply the stated strategies in all cases. Through academic integrity and motivation, I will earn high and deserved grades, as well as use critical thinking in my exams and in determination of the career path to take.


Critical thinking is vital in the learning process. It enhances motivation and knowledge which are cornerstones in the learning process. Critical thinking also improves our note taking techniques as well as contributes to our future professional and academic success.


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