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To know what is meant by being educated, we have first to know what education is; education is defined as the pursuit of knowledge which is meant to be lifelong and it’s not a goal that can be achieved in any fixed number of years. Therefore, an educated person is one who has acquired and has a continued expansion of a wide range of knowledge which enables him/her make value judgments. He is a person who possesses great skills to point out valid information and comprehend it and a person with the ability to analyze critically and efficiently the validity of information. It means that being educated one has access to finest state of mind no matter the condition they are in.

In the twenty first century, there are major concerns on the responsiveness of individuals as compared with their education level. Educated persons should have several things to be considered truly educated; they must have a dedicated understanding of issues at all times, they always have to behave morally and uprightly at all times and they should be people who possess a wide variety of knowledge in different subjects. It does not necessarily have to be the person who has stayed so many years in school.

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In every society, it is expected that people who are more advantaged than others possess some sort of social responsibilities. An educated person is required to behave a little bit more responsible with open rational attitudes towards everyone who seek to interact with him. It has nothing to do with the area of one’s specialization or a given profession for one to have responsibility. Being rational is an important characteristic we usually learn over the years. It’s what makes a difference between social maturity and immaturity. When a person is rational, he possesses inquisitive character that helps him find out why certain things are done and why they are done the way they are. On the issue regarding serious evils in our society, we can do something towards people of the bad side of traditions, and not just following old age customs without asking questions.

Problem solving is another of the social responsibilities an educated person should have. With the wide knowledge possessed, it should be properly applied to situations that call for problem resolution whenever skills are needed. The skills and experience should help draft an effective problem solving techniques that once implemented; it solves the problems and their possible recurrence in the future. They should create awareness to their people on the issue of social responsibility in order to enhance an ethical dimension of decision making and possible consequences of social actions.

Social cohesion at times keep reducing as people focus more on their needs and forget their neighbors in the society. Educated people should always be in the forefront to ensure a cultural perspective of teamwork is achieved. Effective task allocation among different social groups enables the society to remain united and accomplish their goals together.

Educated people should be the mirror of the society; this is where the non members of a given society look at the educated lot in the other society to derive their views about them. It is the duty of the educated people to maintain a clean image of the society as clean as possible. They should also enlighten the society to create ethics and sustainable global economy where labor, market and community are able to work together.

We always expect that an educated person should be trustworthy, a person of integrity and transparency. This is what drives high the public expectations towards the educated people to do more than what they are expected.


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