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I believe that every child has right to proper healthcare and feeding habits, education and good sanitation. In addition, I believe that every child should be handled and treated properly by those surrounding him/her. This can be accompanied by providing circumstances for better development of the child.

As an early childhood care and education professional there are certain ethics and morals that I consider as essential to the child. The child should be teach acceptable behavior among the society, told the truth, taught how to adapt to different surroundings and be guided in each step he or she follows. This will aid in the cognitive development of the child.

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I am a very understanding, creative, social, friendly, loving, caring, and trustworthy individual who ensures that a child should be provided the best upbringing during his or her development. Additionally, I am a playful person who has the potential to understand the child’s mood. I understand the importance of a child to society, thus integrating these qualities into my profession enables me to provide the best to children.

I was influenced by Jean Piaget who, in the theory of apperception, said that assimilation is never enough when dealing with children. In addition, he said that accommodation of the already established ideas to the new ideas is mandatory. This enables the child to learn new things. In his explanation, Jean Piaget explains that children act according to the observations they make (Jean Piaget). This blends well with the positive qualities I posses.

My goal is to ensure that children have their free space to gain knowledge and socialize with other children. Additionally, my goal is to reconstruct the teaching process and involve those activities that encourage children to play together.

In order to make a difference, I will learn their likes, encourage them, strengthen them psychologically, help them set their goals and above all, motivate them to work towards their goals.


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