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Man should not eat meat, because it is against the animals’ rights. However, there are a lot of other reasons for this. There even exists a group of people called the vegetarians. They exclude meat from their diets for many different reasons. Meat products are obtained from the animals. There are different animals that provide people with a variety of products. Some of these products may include hide, skin, milk, eggs, and meat. In order to get some of these products animals usually have to be killed. Therefore, there are many reasons why people should not eat meat, and the main objective of this paper is to discuss them.

First if all, meat should not be consumed, because it involves killing of the innocent animals. People kill different animals for meat, including cows, goats, turkeys, and chicken among others. However, more and more people around the world, including the vegetarians, do not eat meat, because it violates the animal’ rights.

The animals’ rights are violated, when people kill them for meat. Consequently, eating meat has a negative impact on the rights of animals. The animals have the right to live. Life is sacred and precious. The animals breathe just like human beings. Although their level of intelligence may not be as high as that of a human being, this does not give people the right to kill them. Moreover, it is not a role of human beings to determine whether the animals should live or die. People should not hinder the animals to live their lives. On the contrary, people should allow the animals to live freely (Taylor 88).

People usually kill domesticated animals for meat. They keep the animals in cages or in an enclosed area in order to prevent them from escaping. What is more, some people do not keep the animals in good and appropriate conditions. Very often, the animals fall ill because of such a mistreatment. The conditions, under which the animals live, should not be restrictive. Some of the domesticated the animals, for example, the chickens, may have a limited space to live in, especially when people rear them in large numbers for sale. Most of the farmers are profit oriented. They forget that animals have a right to move freely. Therefore, good living conditions should be provided for the animals. Keeping them in a cage restricts their movement. It is a violation of the animals’ rights. What is more, the place they live in may become overcrowded because of the large number of animals. As a result, there is a competition for the available resources. If the animals are not kept for commercial purposes, like the selling of meat, the number of domesticated animals may be sustainable.

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Killing animals restricts the freedom of animals to reproduce and live a natural life. Some people, who have domesticated animals, have come up with ways for the animals to reproduce faster. Despite the fact that mating is a natural way of reproducing, some animals cannot mate. For example, cows reproduce through the artificial insemination. In such a way, people deny animals their right to live a natural life (Yonan 15). People give some animals chemicals in order to make them grow faster. Thus, people do not allow animals to grow naturally, which is absolutely against the animals’ rights. All the animals have a right to live a life free from interruptions in their natural biological processes.

The process of killing animals is usually quite cruel (Taylor 88). Animals as well as humans have feelings and pain sensitivity. The animals also experience pain while being injured. Unfortunately, people do not care about the feeling of the animals during the slaughters.

Some of the slaughter houses have terrible ways of killing the animals for meat. There have been horrible cases of skinning a still conscious cow, which is an extremely painful experience for any living creature. The animals go through the suffering and intense pain during slaughter.

It should be pointed out that there are a lot of other sources of food. There is no doubt that meat is a source of protein. However, protein can also be found in other types of food like milk, eggs and some of the plant products like the beans. Killing of the animals for food can never justify the cruelty of the whole process. Life of the animals can be preserved by considering other types of food that do not involve suffering of the animals (Garner 72). Some of the researches have also proved that eating too much meat is not good for health. People should be advised to reduce the amount of meat they consume. This may also help in reducing the number of animals that have to go through the cruel act of killing. People should consider that there are a lot of other types of useful foods like vegetables, fruits, etc.

The animals have the right to be loved and treated in an appropriate manner. Some of them are exceptionally friendly, and, therefore, human beings should show their love to the animals. Killing, on the other hand, shows human’s dominance and contempt for the animals. The animals are not able to communicate with the help of language, but some of them show their attitude, namely love and trust, towards people through their actions. Therefore, it is quite cruel to kill the animals just for food. If people decide to keep the animals in their homes, they should be ready to take care of them, show their love and provide the animals with the appropriate conditions. What can be more cruel that killing the animal that trusted and loved his master? This is an act of betrayal towards the poor animals. Therefore, people should not eat meat and kill the animals for food or for any other reasons.

The animals also have a right to live as well as people. Killing them for meat violates the animals’ right to live free. Even the process of domestication of some animals restricts them from living freely. The animals have also the right to be loved. Killing them for different reasons is a cruel act. Therefore, one should consider the animals’ rights by not eating meat. People should respect and treat them in an appropriate way.

People, who decide to keep domesticated animals, should provide them with the basic needs such as food and water. Thus, the animals will be healthy and lively. Considering the service that animals offer their masters, they surely deserve better treatment. Different organizations have come up to argue against the mistreatment of animals. They fight for the animals’ rights, namely for treating them in the right way. In fact, in some countries, one may receive a jail sentence for treating an animal in a wrong way. Moreover, people who are found guilty with offences related to treating animals wrongly may even be imposed with a hefty fine by the court. As for me, each of us has a responsibility before the animals and should protect them.


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