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Choosing a professional career becomes an essential part of life and completely depends upon the motivation that someone acquires over time. I chose to be a nurse because of my passion to help the community in a way that could allow me to use my abilities to care and render other human beings. I wasn’t sure about my career until the end of my high school when I had to be admitted into the hospital. The assistance and the care which nurses at hospital offered me were quite amazing and suddenly I thought that it would be better if I could somehow make a difference in other people’s life without looking for any materialistic benefits as well. My character and my personality portrays kindness and patience and all my life I have been gesturing very nice to people. This all inspired to come a nurse who could be influential in approach, gentle and most importantly committed to work not only as a duty but also as an act which can definitely create difference.

I have been very competitive student throughout my educational career. After getting through my decision of becoming a nurse, I searched out critically to determine my capabilities that would allow me to become a successful nurse. I started studying myself on the medicines, techniques and ethical aspects of nursing. The inspirational factors always play a critical role in every person’s life and that is how the lives are shaped completely and that is how life turned out for me. My exceptional presentations skills, my energy and my commitment throughout my life to any cause have allowed me choose nursing as a professional career. I really admire the help of my friends, high school teachers and parents who believed in me, my success and allowed me to pursue my career as a nurse.


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