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My friend Alicia, the only daughter of Edna and Rick Thornton was born in a family of two in West Memphis in the Tennessee. Her middle class family lived there until they divorced. When Alicia was 16 years, her mother relocated with her to Shelby County. At nineteen years today, she is a fresh year at Memphis University where she is studying communication. As a result of her conservative upbringing, Alicia never got the kind of experience she found at the university. Her new found boyfriend Maloney had been prodding her to take her out to sample the nightlife of Memphis, an idea she knew her mother would never stomach. As a result she always hesitated to it.

However this was to be so until her nineteenth birthday last month when she gave in to Maloney’s birthday treat where they would go out to Beele street club to sample the River city night life. This she agreed on one term; that there would be no alcohol served and they would be back at home before midnight. “What if my mother got wind of the plan? Anyway I am……grown up,” she mumbled by herself when Maloney was looking away. Come the big day, she was sparkling smart in a funky party wear as she nervously sneaked out of the house into the driveway. At thirty past six her boyfriend was parking her father’s car outside the gate. Hoping into the vehicle they drove to the club for the night party.

The club was beyond the sight she had ever seen before and the look in her face told it all; skimpily dressed girls, posh vehicles, heavy music, the decor and the neon lights. She was lost for words as they squeezed through the newly opened coyote ugly saloon in her boyfriends arms. By the look of the mood around, she had already resolved to have the best for her birthday and she found herself sipping alcohol for her first time. They drunk and danced their night away to the music before realizing time was getting behind them.

It later dawned on them that they were all drunk and were to drive home yet there was no one on site to help. Drunkenly they stumbled their way out into the vehicle and onto their way home, luck was not on their side as they were stopped by the traffic police. “What on earth do we do now” she managed to ask Maloney. Maloney froze away in fear and guilt unable to respond. Alicia as dumbstruck, frozen at the site of inevitable arrest just like Maloney was. She couldn’t call her mother at the guilt of it. For the first time she was spending her first night in the cooler drunken driving and no road license, it seemed incredible. She was learning a new lesson through the hard way.


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