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Many people nowadays pursue careers because they think that it is well paying and easy to be employed. Nursing however can be pursued by many but the bottom line is that not all make it to be nurses. It is a calling and passion to those who are meek, caring, and passionate of making a change in people’s lives. It involves a lifetime commitment of helping individuals, families, and communities, in order to attain, maintain, or recover to optimal health. Dealing with sick people requires patience, love, and care.

Nurses are involved in assessment, diagnoses, planning, implementation and evaluation. They look after patients in several ways which include; they help mothers in delivery, physical examinations, helps the patient take medication and treatment prescribed by the doctor, observe the patients emotionally, socially, and spiritually, they involve in counseling patients and other members of society, they teach the society on health and risks, they observe, assess, evaluate the patients conditions and record the progress for the doctor to evaluate, they advice family on the best health and social services hospitals and therapy available, and they help chronic and terminally ill patients live peacefully and accept their conditions (Turner, 2007 p.56).

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Employment in the health sector is certain especially for nurses who form the largest workforce in this sector. There are several reasons that lead to the high demand of nurses which are; people become older and some retire from nursing while others need special care this will enhance employment for nurses. Many aliments and diseases are increasingly being diagnosed and the people become sick everyday this will make the demand for nurses’ increase (Vallano, 2008 p.67). The hospital setting is not the only place that needs nurses and others are needed by societies hence nurses are diversified hence their demand. Nurses who are qualified and certified are almost guaranteed of a job in this career. Nursing is also well paying and the incomes involved are high and sustain the employee’s requirements and basic needs. The pay also increases with the increase of experience hence nurses are able to earn more in the future.

Nurses are privileged to have many options in what they do. They have a range of places and settings that they can be involved in apart from the hospitals especially in society this includes; long-term care center rehabilitation nursing homes, hospice, community’s health clinics, freestanding outpatient and surgery centers, medical offices, home care, nursing schools, corporate health centers, insurance and managed care companies, pharmaceutical companies, research centers, military, and schools among other places (Vallano, 2008 p.78).

The nurses work in various settings including; bedside care of patients, operating rooms, emergency rooms, medical records sections, x-ray and diagnostic units, intensive care units, pediatrics, obstetrics, psychiatric centers, laboratories, drug issuing units among other places (Novotny, Lippman, & Sanders, 2003 p.47).

Nursing involves a lot of flexibility. Nurses’ work part-time and they follow schedules. They can work during the day, at the evening or during night shifts. They work in limited hours and can even work 36 hours in 3 days and have a 3-4 days off duty. This flexibility allows the nurse enough time to relax and prepare for the next shift duties. Many jobs only give weekends off or even a day off which may be spent in religious activities hence they do not relax this can lead to stress.

Students of nursing are advised to apply for the course at state approved and accredited institutions. The course outline will involve classroom guides in subjects e.g. biology, chemistry, social sciences, physics, humanities, nursing theory and practice. The students then get to have practical experience in hospitals (Turner, 2007 p.68). Students can either have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, associate degree in nursing or a hospital diploma to qualify in nursing. For one to be a recognized nurse then he/she must take a national exam and pass which is offered by the board of nursing of the state one is practicing nursing. In the past nursing was seen as a career for women but presently men are getting involved in it. It is a career that transforms lives through care and compassion.


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