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If, my doctor told me that I had only a few months to live I will take the information positively. I will then critically analyze his point of view because this will help me understand why I have few months to live. For instance, if his reason is based on my deteriorating health due excessive consumption of alcohol I will limit my consumption of alcohol. Even though it is difficult to abruptly stop alcohol consumption, I will make all possible attempts to quit alcohol.

Firstly, I will enroll to a wellness center. Wellness center offer guidance and counseling services this would be very instrumental since it would augment my health status. The wellness centre will also provide alternatives of taking alcohol. For instance, they may offer me several options such as spending my time wisely and avoid being idle. Furthermore, they offer tips on how to quit unhealthy habits because they may give me an option of doing physical exercises so that I can keep fit. I will strictly follow everything that I am asked to do while I am at the wellness centre.

Secondly, I will carry out an evaluation of myself and seek for pity/ forgiveness from my creator. This would involve evaluating factors such as what are the main factors that prompt me to imbibe a lot of alcohol. If, it is because I have a lot of money I will redirect the money to constructive activities such as helping the needy in the society or become an entrepreneur. The latter will make me busy, and I will have little or no time to engage in unhealthy lifestyle. Since, I will be busy running my business. This will be the best way to quit alcohol consumption.

In a nutshell, I will completely change my lifestyle so that my health and life can be enhanced this will involve enrolling in a wellness centre as well as carrying out an evaluation of life. Since, this is the only way that will help me to be a live after the few months that have been speculated by my doctor.


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