Free «The Internet should be monitored by the Government» Essay Sample

This book provides some knowledge on the need of defending networks from any kinds of attacks. Bejtlich presents a good perspective on the internet security that is very sequential and practical. The author keeps the reader grounded and deals with the basics in the manner that is being accessible. The book covers both the internet security and network monitoring. They are presented as the different aspects but of the same problem.

This guide offers a very current legal analysis and a specific guidance to assist in dealing with deceptive practices in the internet, protecting privacy in the internet, as well as avoiding liability that is potentially harmful for users. It provides the information and tools that are required to respond to the universal security concerns effectively, like backdoors, cryptography, and viruses. The author gives the analysis of the state of laws and presents clear directives on the ways of assessing the risks of computer systems against viruses. The uses of backdoors are also tackled in developing a very important infrastructure of security. Connolly also gives the information how the computer use by employees can be monitored.

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This source provides the essays that tackle the opinions held in the world on the internet being a creature of the U.S. Department of Defense. The source shows that the internet is not a self-governing system and that it can be controlled and monitored through the very effective oversight. The book offers the support on management of the significant administration and coordinative functions in internet. It highlights the need to oversee the activities in internet because it is very much uninstitutionalized and decentralized. The author says that the internet will require much coordination as it grows in bandwidth, functionality, and scope. All the same, the author raises some concerns on the mechanisms of the coordination that will evolve. Keller provides the suggested models through which the internet can be governed. The topics handled include the statistics and settlements collection for the growing problem of domain names affecting commercial interests of the companies internationally.

This is an exclusive source that acts as a guide for the internet security. Naik focuses on the elementary technology behind the internet. The source makes protocols and terms more useful through organizing them basing on what they do and with providing the thorough descriptions on these terms.

This book handles the subject of ethics, morality, technology and value. The book shows the main role of ethics and morality in the decisions and deliberations of people who deal with information technology. The author explores the value added by technology and the significant role that it plays in coming up with decisions. The main focus is on matters of security in creating awareness to the public concerning the magnitude of vandalism in cyber, the loopholes and the weaknesses kin the infrastructure of cyberspace and the ways that can be used to protect people and the society at large. The main objective in the book is to create an understanding of the motives and nature of the acts of cyber and how the acts are carried out. It also includes the endeavors taken to prevent such occurrences in future.


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