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A professor is usually a person who has had a lot of academic learning and practical expertise overtime. Professors are generally the most senior personnel in universities or colleges and, in most countries, the title is usually awarded after scholars attain their doctorate degrees to indicate proficiency in their fields. Their work includes offering academic assistance to other scholars such as undergraduate and graduate students or offering leadership in various departmental positions in universities. They are always responsible for undertaking much of the research that may be required by institutions or even the government in order to come up with various inventions or solutions to problems. It is usually possible to distinguish between a good and a bad professor by examining how they interact with their students during lectures or how other faculty members perceive them. Anyone regarded as a good professor should possess all the qualities that show his uniqueness and competency compared to others.

There are several qualities that make a good professor. For instance, a good professor has enormous practical knowledge in his/her field of specialization. The professor shows his experience through the way he handles his students during lectures or undertakes various researches on behalf of his department or the whole institution. Moreover, he is usually an excellent communicator and gives out ideas in a manner that is clear to everyone. His manner of communicating out facts makes academic work appear simple and easy to execute. This usually makes a big difference between good and bad professors in that while good professors are clearly understood as a result of the good communication, bad professors communicate in a manner that may even make simple subjects difficult. For instance, during my final year in high school, our math teacher was a professor in charge of the mathematics department. We all respected him because of his achievements. However, the manner in which he taught us complicated everything. His communication was poor although he was an expert in math. During the year, another professor was recruited to replace him due to the increased departmental commitments. The second professor possessed the quality of a good communicator, and he made learning easy for us.

A good professor is always passionate about the subject he is dealing with. He is always timely in lecture halls and gives the students an opportunity to make their own suggestions and express their ideas while making them to love the topic. Being the professor of such type, a person is usually organized and plans his work in an orderly manner. He always ensures that students understand the objectives of any subject they are tackling and its relevance in their day-to-day operations. In addition, good professors in supervisory positions usually ensure that all the lecturers from their departments provide good outlines of the courses to be covered in every academic period.

In my institution, some of the good professors are usually distinguished by how other members of their faculties perceive them. For instance, the ones regarded as bad are always arrogant when dealing with their subordinates and are usually disrespected by their associates. Some of our professors never spare even the least of their time for consultation of either students or other members of the institution. The ones viewed as good by everyone in the institution are always easily reached and ready to offer assistance every time despite their ever busy schedules. As a result, a good professor is always respected and liked by students and all other institutional members. Good professors are taken as examples. They make their views and ideas easy to understand and are usually available to offer any academic support required from them. Therefore, all the above attributes may definitely be used to define a good professor.


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