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The art of tattooing has been on the rise with many youngsters willing to have their bodies tattooed upon reaching teenage. This is because tattoos are believed to express some personal and artistic messages. People are always interested to have tattoos despite the fact that some of these marks are usually permanent on the body notwithstanding the pain endured in the process. The method of tattooing is itself risky since diseases may still be spread through the unsterilized tools used such as the needles. The unplanned unicorn tattooing experience I went through at the age of 18 is one thing I would not recommend anyone to go through.

Prior to my unicorn tattooing, I had never thought of ever having a tattoo on my body. My decision to have one came out of the peer pressure while we were attending an army training in Texas with my friends. The place around our hotel room had plenty of tattoo shops and we eventually decided to try. The decision of having a tattoo requires one to have thought about it adequately since the marks are usually difficult to erase. Although my friends knew what they wanted, I did not have an idea as to what kind of tattoo I would have. I eventually resorted to a unicorn head tattoo on my shoulder after suggestions by my friends. It is now 22 years since I had this tattoo on my body and I still regret why I agreed to have it done.

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It is always important to plan well before making any final decision. Tattooing itself is not a problem, but people should never get tattoos at a dare. The unicorn tattoo I have has been horrible to me. To begin with, this type of tattoo is evidently common among many people today. It is always the wish of anyone to have characteristic tattoos that expresses their personal uniqueness that would never lose value even when they get old. The unicorn tattoo fails to offer any uniqueness since anyone can cheaply have them due to their ease of writing, owing to the fact that many tattoo shops have them on offer. I feel that my decision to have the unicorn head tattoo was too simplistic. I had never thought about it before and it was the most common design by that time and did not require someone to take much time thinking on what to have.

Additionally, people have different perceptions about the unicorn symbol itself. Some people think of it on religious grounds such as Christianity while others term it as devilish. Although my unicorn tattoo has my name under it, that could not guard me from the prejudice I have experienced from my closest friends. I have always thought that the tattoo did not reflect my choice of design and I should therefore have another one with the image of a dragon to cover it up.

Finally, it is always important for individuals to do things that meet their interests by taking good time to plan them effectively rather than just rushing into conclusions. Daring to take important decisions only leave people with much regrets in the long run. I would never recommend anyone to do anything at the spur of the moment. My decision to have a unicorn head tattoo at the age of 18 has left me with lots of disappointment. People engage in diverse undertakings, some of which are much delicate compared to my sheer tattooing matter. All these activities should be planned well so that they may be executed with precision so as to avoid any future regrets. If I had taken my time to choose myself a good tattoo design, I would not have gone through all the embarrassments I have experienced. It is quite important that people avoid doing things at a dare but think about them effectively before any attempt is made.


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