Free «Unsolicited Sales Letter for Restaurant» Essay Sample

Dear Customer,

The list in which I found your name is a clear indication that you are a classy individual with a great taste, especially when it comes to food. I know you have heard stories about different restaurants and how they offer unique cuisines; I am not trying to add to those stories. If you visit my restaurant, you will not need to worry about the cost. You will not even need any of your friends to accompany you. You will benefit from getting top quality cuisines prepared by well seasoned chiefs at with affordable prices. In other words, high quality priced reasonably is a combination that no other restaurant can offer.

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When you receive maximum satisfaction upon visiting my restaurant, you will be grateful – no, not to me, - but to your ability to make good choices. What can my restaurant do for you? The answer to this question will be determined by the type of person you are. If you are the type of person who is not cautious about what he/she eats, or if you are the one who is not focused on the food quality, then I am afraid, my restaurant can do nothing for you. However, if you are an individual who minds what he/she eats and observes the nutritional value of his/her food, then my restaurant will be the best place to visit during your dinners for the next several weeks and maybe for your whole future.

While dining at my restaurant, you will be entitled to choose any of the various dishes that will definitely meet your taste no matter how unique they are. Besides, this is very convenient as when you are busy, you do not have to prepare your own meals; you can always pass by and have your favourite dish. Try my restaurant at my special introductory offer, and I guarantee that you will come back for the second dinner.



Restaurant Manager


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