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The term ‘philosophy of education’ entails an academic field of functional philosophy or any other special philosophies that endorse educational vision, objectives and the entire meaning of education. It is a branch of learning that exemplifies educational reasons, methodologies and success in various societies of the world. Through this field we are able to understand the reasons of every academic or educational procedure. It explores both the discipline and process of education. In my specialized field of learning disabilities, I have inculcated philosophy of education in enabling me figure out what entails learning disabilities (Curren, 2008).

Education entails a broad way of understanding and administering customs, beliefs, and ways of behaving and thinking from one generation to another. There are several methods that can be used to impart knowledge to learners whether they have disabilities or not. As a result of developing my philosophy I will be able to note changes in the mode of thinking, acting and feeling from learners. Hindrances to my delivery of content to learners can be considered to come naturally or as imposed by the learning environment. Some of these hindrances are disabilities within learning. In my own philosophy of education, I belief with or without disabilities, learners can be made to grasp learning concepts in various ways. Learners can never be the same since they hail from different environments. Some learners have various possibilities, while others have been natural derailed in one way or another. They fall within the category of special education on the basis of having disabilities to learning and education. Philosophy of education caters for the varied needs exemplified by these learners.

There are various benefits that people and societies elicit from embracing education. As human beings and members of particular societies, educated people will be able to think, act and respond with intelligence and purpose in their lives. Education imparts skills, knowledge and expertise that supersede any disability in the world. With this perspective of education, I believe that every disabled individual has the capacity to get affected by educational instincts and paradigms that literally bring changes in society. For instance, an individual will be able to yield explanations to the causes and effects of nature. Schooling and education are integral in the genesis and existence of any society. Constitutional laws, human rights and responsibilities, are all elements of an educated society. Therefore, education is a subtle aspect that overhauls the entire human thinking and activities for the betterment of the society and the world as a whole. Fundamentally, this applies both to the young, old, able, and disabled (Noddings, 2010).

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Every field of education epitomizes professional educators. Likewise, the field of learning disabilities has numerous professional educators. These are people who exemplify massive expertise and intelligence to handle learning problems and situations. They often go beyond teaching schedules in order to attend to the learner and society myriad challenges and situations stressing explanations. In the field of learning disabilities, professional educators serve the purpose of exploring into and laying bare knowledge and truths regarding special needs and qualities of disabled individuals.

I consider that the real purpose of teaching is not about letting students memorize facts and be able to state them in examinations. Rather, education should enable learners comprehensively understand and yield to concepts being examined. For instance, teaching should enable learners respond to detailed cause and effects of global warming other than just stating that global warming is harmful to environment. A teacher should be able to offer the right content to students in order to make them replicate. Teaching, to my mind, is a simple act of offering knowledge and skills to learners. Regarding teaching, teachers are supposed to edify extra knowledge by exploring different sources before they can teach. Learning refers to the resultant matter of effective and objected teaching. It entails acquisition of new knowledge and modification of the existing skills, knowledge and behaviors. Therefore, teachers teach learners in order to affect their behavior in thought and response as revealed through behavior, exemplification of skills and knowledge. Learning is a resultant facet of teaching. This is how the two are related (Sacks, 2001).

At the process of teaching and learning, both teachers and learners have various responsibilities that they have to fulfill. Teachers are supposed to prepare lessons, learners’ homework and assignments, and research on various materials important to learning. They are responsible for relaying learner`s behaviors and addressing emotional, physical, and intellectual issues from the learners. On the other hand, learners are supposed to be in attendance to classroom activities, participate and respond to them by working on the assignments and homework. This will assist the teacher in delivering content to the learners and meeting the set objectives.

As a professional special education teacher, I consider my learners as equal and capable of learning albeit of their disabilities. They are able to learn well and make use of every learning material wherever they are. My learners are in need of knowledge and skills that will make them grow. I will ensure that learners with disabilities have their intentions met. This is through providing learning materials and equipment suitable to solve their disabled capabilities. Learners are always ready to learn and interact with their teachers. As they come to class, they have the characteristic of tabula rasa, though they are building present knowledge based on the previous one.

Regarding the community where I am operating, learning and education are continuous processes. They do not take place in school or classroom alone. I will consider every individual, and specifically parents and leaders in the community to be a part of imparting knowledge to learners. Parents are mostly immediate to learners. To cater for the needs of the disabled students, who need special education, parents will be of subtle importance in providing financial support to provide necessary equipment for learning among them. The society should regard every learner as able albeit their physical, mental or even financial malfunctions. As a professional educator, I will ensure that every agent in society is participatory in learning processes.

Special education derives its operations in instructions that meet the needs of learners with disabilities. Each learner is unique and needs special curriculum to address specific needs. I believe that a combination of various elements of teaching and learning will cater for the needs of special learners. Teachers like me are supposed to exemplify various skills and expertise in order to address these special needs. For instance, I need to be compassionate in order to handle every need of the learner. I need to adapt and modify special needs so that learners are able to access effective learning materials like the others with no specialties. Disabilities should not be used as scapegoats of masquerading concerns on learners with disabilities. It is with special learners that teaching and learning have evolved various useful methodologies of dealing with special learners. Through it, several learners have been assisted and have come out successful in their careers.


Special educators face myriad challenges in exploring various fields of education. They have to overcome psychological stereotypes that learners with disabilities cannot be ranked together with other normal learners. They have to explore critically and make use of various ways of teaching and learning that benefit learners with disabilities. Moreover, learners themselves are a big problem because they have to cater for their individual needs at all times. Therefore, to overcome all these challenges, I must posses such qualities as being dedicated to my students, optimistic, intuitive, confident, even-tempered, creative, and accepting to students, organized, and good humored. These abilities will assist me in implementing mechanisms of special education on learners (Pring, 2004).


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