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I have considered the University of Colorado as my first choice. This School’s faculty has exceptional skill, training tradition, and individual growth and development that do not match with other universities and meet my requirements for education. The University of Colorado Boulder’s Flagship 2030 strategic plan distinguishes the university students as belonging to a premier university. I feel and know I should belong to this group of students.

My motivation to transfer from Indiana University to Colorado University has been linked to my great affection for the University of Colorado. There, I will be able to enrich the diverse and inclusive community that makes up the university. Moreover, I am hopeful that I will manage to be part of the Colorado university students, as based on my academic and social accomplishments.

At Indiana University, I feel constrained to explore into and unleash every potential in me. The dreams and aspirations of many Indiana students were not in line with mine. I felt my life was not on the track I wanted. However, when I visited the University of Colorado, I felt everything that I needed had come to my hands. In this university, I will be able to fully concentrate on my research, educative and creative works, and embrace the exceptional teaching, which makes part of the university’s tradition. Through this, I will be part of the team included in building the stature of the university as a whole. I have exceptional experiences in public interpretations, appreciation of varied cultural backgrounds, and application of new knowledge and skill. Moreover, I want to step out of the comfort zone in Indiana and get to a more challenging environment of Colorado Boulder. Therefore, with my intention to exploit my talents, I believe I will be an asset in building up the university’s prestige to the entire world.


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