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To have a concrete decision on which should be future career had battled my mind for a while. However I had ever admired one of my neighbors who worked as a pharmacist in a government hospital in our state. Her tremendous success and appreciation in the workplace worked to steer my liking for the field. Later on, I enrolled for an undergraduate course in pharmacy. With the great mentorship and career advice on the field, I felt ready to go. Even after finishing my college years studying pharmacy, I still felt that was not the best for me and I needed to go further.

Lucky for me, getting a chance of being enlisted in the United States navy in 2004 brought my worries to a stop. I was so determined to get a chance to study pharmacy in the Navy and it was here where I made the most important decision of my life. I hence enrolled in Graduate school to study being a pharmacy technician. After a vigorous training at Corpsman school, I veered into the real practice at Camp Lejeune where I handled machines a position which I undertook with great passion and effort.

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Having been brought up in a family that had strong Christian values, I had developed profound value for human life. The nature of commitment by fellow workers in the navy also challenged me to become more involved in serving ailing human beings. Hence after graduating as a technician, I acquired my first real duty at National Naval Medical Center Bethesda. Here I worked with a lot of zeal to become a trusted pharmacy technician. I offered great patient care and lot of counseling to the sick. My devotion led me to working long hours and off duty. It also saw me train other staff to serve as technicians in the navy.

My main goal was to become a competent and honest person in my career, to serve as a person to be looked up to by other persons. Despite being in the pharmacy line, I also helped in Combined Federal Campaign in goodwill fundraising. A training duty I had with some high schools helped me shape my communication and interaction skills. It made me have the ability to deal with even the most complicated young people. Another interest to deal with narcotics taught me to drive people through rehabilitation processes to self realization. This made me a develop a cordial patient-health care relationship that has shown to improve the speed of healing.

With all the exposure and experience in the navy, I still have the urge to further my career. My recent motivation being the suffering witnessed in Haiti, my home country, where many people had dire need for medical help. This makes it necessary to make medical services to be brought near the people who need them most. Injection of new blood to the field, to be a more reliable and trusted segment of the medical arena needs one to be equipped with new skills constantly.

For this intuition, I would highly appreciate to undertake my pharmacy PHD at your institution. With the smooth and comprehensive prospectus of the institution, I have the conviction that it will help me fulfill my future goals. If I was granted a chance to doctor pharmacy in your institution, I will work diligently and with great effort to see my dream become a reality. I am ready for a challenging experience with your outstanding setting in a bid to help the human society at a greater scope and field. I am determined to make pharmacy promising and better news to the people and this will only be achieved by walking the extra mile and be ready to learn more in your very excellent institution.


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