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The way information science is applied had amazed me since when I was in high school. This gave me the zeal to work hard and so that I could get into the real course that would lead me into pursuing a career in information Systems. The technological and computer advancement in the information sector which made the globe a smaller village gave me the urge to follow my dream course to learn what really make things in the information world to work so smoothly and why this makes the globe be referred to as a Global village.

Hence right from high school, I enrolled for a Bachelor in Information systems from a local university. This gave me the light and adequate knowledge pertaining my career. There was such a passion in me to learn that I was among the top students in the class. My family was so supportive and since my father was nearly in the same career line, it only worked better for me as I had a mentor and a role model.

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After graduating from college, I attained a job in a telecommunications company. This helped me to put my learnt knowledge in real practice and I was happy to see the results were forthcoming. My company allowed me to inject new ideas in their system development; a position I handled excellently which saw me being promoted to position of their systems designer.

Having to work in a company that handles bulk work from many affiliate companies, it gave me the chance to improve my interpersonal skills with clients of different ethnic background. My communications skills were also sharpened as the career required a lot of interactions and inquiry from customers. Being in the communications and information industry required one to be on time to ensure a smooth delivery of important information to clients. This has greatly shaped me into a trustworthy and responsible person which has maintained the integrity of my company. To be trusted in transfer and payment of huge amounts of bills electronically by sister partners of the company elevated the level of confidence in people towards me.

Because learning never comes to an end, and interest begets great achievements, it is for this reason that I feel obliged to venture in the administrative department. With all the attained knowledge and successful career ladder, I feel ready to go and serve humanity in a larger scope and at the same time grant me the chance of a better pay. My ambitions to be in public administration, marketing and operations only dictate that I pursue an Executive MBA. The great interactions I have had with very successful graduates of your Executive MBA have pushed me to like your institution.

Your graduate school having a large pool of interactions with other institutions worldwide will serve to consolidate my knowledge from many points of learning. The teaching methods laid down in your graduate school prospectus suits me best as it works with my plan to study and work part time. My government having offered to settle 70% of my tuition fee, I have no objection rather than being in your excellent institution and hearken to my inner passion. I know for sure that this will be my greatest achievements of all times: to be in a promising school which will fulfill my dreams.


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