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Right from my first year in high school, I used to admire my elder brothers’ career. The fact that he could provide so well for his young family intrigued me to follow his career path hoping it would land me to a position he holds. Being the chief auditor of an international firm, I used to admire the way he travelled all over the world attending conferences and forums with important personalities. I also felt excited by most of the decisions he made for his firm that mostly led to the success of that firm. It is for this reason that I felt the urge to be involved in making business oriented financial policies that would bring an impact to a society.

My parents, having noted the passion I had in business introduced me to entrepreneur clubs and even paid for my monthly subscriptions. They also recommended other family friends to advise me on many aspects pertaining the field of business. The passion was ignited further by being elected the treasurer of one of my clubs. It amazed me how well I could manage the finances of the club where at the end of the year, I presented a comprehensive report on the clubs financial overview. This followed my re-election for a second term which I hold currently. This has taught me to interact with people and enhance my communication skills.

For the sheer reality that business and specifically finance is part of me, I am compelled to make a living out of it and also serve humanity in this field. With all the zeal in me, I am hoping to give it a throw and bring fresh innovations in the field of business. I am ready to get involved into challenges of the business world with an aim to improve and polish what already exist.

With the first hand information I have concerning your institution, and the great interactions with successful graduates of the institution, I feel inspired that your institution will be the greatest first stepping bridge to the higher achievements I hope to acquire in future. The prospectus of your excellent institution has worked to solidify my compulsion to take a business course from your institution. The excellent facilities and field exposure provided by the school of business as discussed in the prospectus only works better to attract me to your institution. United Kingdom having a culture that does not discriminate human beings will be the best place for me to concentrate on my studies. It is for these passionate reasons that I am hoping to secure a place in your fine institution, to pursue a course in Business studies-Finance option. I know it will give me the best foundation of my future career aspirations.


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