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In a highly competitive economy, people strive to take the most relevant courses. Obtaining a registered nurse to Bachelor of Science in nursing (RN-BSN) degree gives people training they need to advance in their careers. This program improves the nursing skills that the students have, thereby increasing their professional potential in the highly and dynamic nursing profession. RN-BSN programs base their practice on nursing science, related sciences and arts to promote, restore and maintain the health of the global community whose members have diverse needs and expectations.

When I enrolled in the RN-BSN program, I had great expectations of improving my nursing skills to enable me serve my community better. I have a passion for caring for other people, and I usually feel much satisfaction when I see that my efforts are bearing fruits. This course has surely not let me down. It has equipped me with enough skills to practice nursing in my community efficiently. The RN-BSN program has varied sources of skills and knowledge. The RN-BSN program has enabled me to master self-management skills that would help me effectively manage complex issues and working environments. The program integrated the acquired experience and skills with new knowledge, to enable the students’ progress through block courses that address personal stages of development that are increasingly complex. The stages of development include personal effectiveness, interpersonal effectiveness, human health outcomes effectiveness and effectiveness in complex health systems. The RN-BSN program integrated essential BSN competencies, in a form that corresponded to the suitable personal developmental stage. The RN-BSN program has enabled me to be proficient in all stages, even at the most complex personal developmental phases. This would help me greatly in my future professional practice.

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Evidence-based practice (EBP) is one of the most efficient treatment methods in nursing. The main aims of EBP are to integrate clinical expertise, external scientific evidence, and client and care provider perceptions to facilitate the provision of high quality services that meet the needs, values, and choices of clients. There is universal acclamation of EBP in improving the quality of healthcare provision. However, continued use of EBP necessitates the increase in training of nurses. Most countries require nurses to receive basic knowledge prior to their enrolment in the health system (Emanuel et al., 2011). The RN-BSN program provided knowledge on various research practices that may be greatly beneficial in EBP. However, teaching of EBP guidelines does not guarantee that students would use them in their professional practice. This is because they may face stiff competition from their colleagues who may have minimal exposure to research principles or minimal opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills (Malloch & Porter-O'Grady, 2010). However, skills acquired from the course would help me practice EBP despite stiff resistance in the working environment.

The RN-BSN program provided training that facilitated mastering of self-management skills. These skills would enable me effectively manage complex issues and working environment. Therefore, the program provided me with skills that would enable me develop my critical thinking abilities, which would be greatly beneficial in EBP. In addition, the RN-BSN program enabled me to be proficient even at the most complex personal development stages. This would enable me to communicate effectively with relevant stakeholders while engaging in EBP. This would not only ensure that engaging in evidence based practice faces little resistance but also ensure that it yields favorable results. Therefore, the program would help in using various evidence-based practical guidelines to ensure the efficiency of the practice.

Academic service learning (ASL) is a form of experiential learning in which students take part in activities that address community needs. ASL integrates service goals with learning outcomes of the program. In ASL, both service and learning are critical components of the program. ASL is distinctly different from volunteerism, since volunteerism involves reflection activities that help students connect the theoretical background of what they learn in a classroom setting with their service. In addition, volunteerism creates a form of reciprocity between the organization that students serve and the students providing the service. This creates a sense of mutual responsibility, and a situation where students have a sense of belonging to the community and parties partnering the community feel empowered to provide the necessary help to meet the needs of the community. ASL has positively influenced my willingness to engage in volunteerism in the future. Reciprocity and reflection enable service learning to be a continuous activity, in which individuals collaborate with the community. This helps in finding sustainable solutions to complex problems that the community faces (O’Grady, 2000). Taking part in solving community problems is not only highly rewarding; it would also help me in my personal, moral, and intellectual development. Therefore, I would not engage in volunteerism only once. Volunteerism would be a continuous process, thus helping me utilize my knowledge and skills in solving community problems.

Upon completion of the RN-BSN program, I intend to be a nurse practitioner. As a nurse practitioner, I would be able to provide a range of specialized services that includes adult care, family care, pediatric care and women’s healthcare. I intend to specialize in the provision of adult care to the elderly. The proportion of the elderly will increase in the near future as baby boomers are reaching the retirement age. These populations have a myriad of health problems and thus they require special attention. It would be an honor to provide my services to the population whose input is one of the reasons why America is the most respected country globally. The efforts of these older adults should not go to waste, and they deserve to have healthy lives in their twilight years.


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