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In administration of veterinary medicine a holistic approach is advised as the doctor has to posses several qualities besides the technical and professional qualities achieved in the classroom. Personal qualities of organization and or implementation are very important. In being able to harness these qualities and channel them to help offer veterinary services lends the doctors to an added advantage that will live the customers satisfied and feel well catered for in any event. Through the incorporation of values be side the technological and professional knowhow the veterinary officer is able to implement and formulated policies for the general animal health concerns, they may also be well enough predisposed to organize animal rearing communities to obtain the highest available vale from their animals and rear them in the best possible way. Organize such communities to be able to push for sustainable and otherwise deserved incentives from government that will assist in care and rearing of their animals.

Implementers invariably follow certain astute principles that espouse them as effective implementers of policies and laid out strategies in managing several conditions in any environment. They are able to coordinate the various elements and orient them to achieve desired outcomes and align the people they interact with to share their perceptions thus are able on a large scale to implement not only by themselves but through an influence on the people.

In veterinary medicine implementers are very important as they are the ones that mange a number of policy formulation and implementation save from the technical aspect of medicine. This is through their ability to formulate and recommend organizational practices that ,might help both rears and governments concerned with the well being of animals and their ability to add value to mankind.

By setting out organizational practices which include the guidelines through which organizers ought to follow as well as the best way in which organization can be coordinated they help in harnessing the potential of rearers and effectively trickling down government policies that will guide the smooth implementation of policy from either spheres of influence.

Implementers pride themselves with the ability to recognize and perceive things and policies in a more refined way. They use in-depth analysis and tend to interpret policy in a different way from the lay. This value adds upon them a responsibility of deciphering the complex notions and technical schematics for the lay rearers and make policy easily understood in order for it to be implemented. Their ability to understand the technical aspects will allow them to think up the best ways possible to tackle issues on the field de void of misconstruing what was really meant in a certain situation.

Implementers are also good policy formulators due to their wide field experience that allows then to holistically view a situation and formulate practical policy that will best serve the rearing community. Having been on the ground and understanding the logistics of implementation they are better positioned to formulate and draw up master plans for the policy implementation which on the contrary might stall if their advice is ignored.

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I would like to think myself as an implementer owing to my vibrant involvement in carrying out the various field duties entailed in veterinary medicine. My concerns with the logistics interaction on the field and development of critical thinking should enable me become an adept policy formulator and implementer. The technical knowhow which I purse besides other social interactive skills, I will garner to channel them when called upon to suffice as an implementer. The qualities of an implementer although inborn can be refined through the learning of social and psychological appreciation as well as organizational skills which help in enabling one to bring out the implementer in them selves.

An organizer on the other hand needs more inbuilt qualities to n\be able to effectively coordinate the various arms of the community to achieve the goals set up and drives them through the course drawn out by the implementer.

A good organizer ought to be flexible in his ongoing so as to fit into the schedules not there before and accommodate views and persons not anticipated. Plans on policy implementation are drawn on the basis of the ideal and usually lack the tough of reality checks that the field offers to such plans. In veterinary medicine for example where the organizer is set to deal with people on the ground he ought to be prepared to tactfully tackle the rearing community sentiments and allay the policies to them in a way that will best auger well with them. Flexibility in a number of things is also required of the organizer for the sake of convenience which includes flexibility in time, in place or even in decision making.

An organizer should also posses an eye for interest of both the community, his own and the policy formulators. By identifying the interest of all the players he is pitted in a favorable position to organize the community by fronting their interest and steer them subliminally inconformity with the interest of policy formulator because his main interest is the organization of people in the community. He is also predisposed to find a flat ground between the interest of the policy formulators and the community and organize the spheres in a way that they fluidly integrate to facilitate the best atmosphere for the best results as a result of good organizational skills.

Organizers also elicit leadership qualities as they are only able to organize people if they can outstandingly prove able to lead a community of any sort. Being fearlessly imposing and able to hear the views of the people he intends to organize amid other leadership qualities will enable the organizers posses an edge over the pole of the community. If for one a good organizer can demonstrate to the community his veterinary abilities and the shrewdness of his decisions in reflection to the ideal that emanate from the community they will be willing to follow him and thus make it easy to organize their communities. Good organizers posses these leadership qualities for them to take organizational qualities.

The organizer should not only look at the community he intends to organize but also transcend the whole views including being self critical. The organizer has a powerful pool of inborn qualities which are apt to assist him to achieve his goal in organization. By being self critical the organizer will not unfairly be imposing to the community he organizes as his perceptions will be widened and enable them to view the organizational policies he uses in the eyes of the community and all the stakeholders. Thus if he is comfortable with the way he handles things through a self assessment then he is able to conveniently deliver as an organizer. Being self critical will also be effective in discerning inner strengths and acknowledging weaknesses which will enable him reform and garner all his qualities converting weaknesses in to advantage and strengths providing propulsion that will make them a better organizer.

Virtues like honesty truthfulness and dignity should also be incorporated into an organizer as the stakeholders impression of the organizer are very important in determining whether they will be able to follow them or not. The organizer ought to carry himself about in an honorable manner to inspire respect that drives the stakeholders to abide by his plans for organization. He should be able to show these qualities in the way he interacts with the community in order for them to be appalled by the wisdom he has in respect to veterinary medicine.

A good organizer above all should have a plan which is strategic and forecasted to deal with any flaws and discrepancies that might arise in the event of implementation. A full proof plan which includes strategic envisioning will build the organizer renowned reputation that will eventually make him a better organizer.

I think of myself as a an organizer on the basis of the fact that I carry my on goings in a most organized way and like to extend my abilities by extending them to the field of veterinary medicine. Having learned leadership skills and being able to seriously embark on tasks with an organized plan and ability to convince the community on the policies fronted I think that my organizational skills are not entirely wanting. Besides the ability to master the technical aspects of veterinary medicine I am able to bring out leaned and innate qualities to drive the veterinary agenda for the benefit of all stakeholders.

In conclusion the qualities of organization and implementation are in a wider sense innate although they are buttressed by the learning process that pans our abilities and refine the qualities. The interest in organization and implementation stemmed in the requirements of veterinary medicine as it involves a lot of field activity and policy formulation and implementation through organizing communities has driven the need for added qualities to temper the technical aspects of veterinary medicine. Owing to the qualities aforementioned, I would like to think myself as both an organizer and an implementer.


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