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Education is important, both basic and higher education. It is very inaccurate to say that what students learn in class is only to give good grades and a title. Of course, that does not mean that getting into a class and getting brilliant scores is all one needs to benefit themselves and the community, no. it only means that in order for the current generation to participate actively people need to go to class.

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It is true that education takes up resources both time and money. Sometimes Students will spend endless days of study and sleepless night to be at par with the school systems. At the end of it all, however, it is worth it because out of the struggle there is a difference between one who has passed through the system and one who has not.

The majors offered in the systems shape us to fit into our career desires. Sometimes even, make us discover who we are.

Technology plays a great role in ensuring that the education system is successful. It cannot substitute education nor can education substitute it. It is, therefore, the responsibility of every student to make sure that they make the best out of the education system to achieve their optimum.

Finally, the realization that going to class and getting educated are two different things will help the student realize just how important education is.


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