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Book censorship is the removal of books from school curricular and libraries due to their content (Cromwell). Schools can enact censorship at sub national or national level and impose legal penalties for infraction. Parents and teachers can also challenge books at community or local level. Currently, many parents in the U.S. are forcing schools to withdraw books with sexual content or obscene language because of their perceived negative influence on children (Rohrer). It is, however, necessary to note that book censoring in high schools is wrong because it results to negative consequences.

It is unfair to restrict children books because it contravenes the constitution of the United States of America. The constitution’s first amendment offers “protection against violation of the teachers’ and students’ right to academic freedom” (Robertson). Censoring books is not only disrespectful to the teachers and students, but also to the constitution.

Banning some books eliminates teaching of life lessons in schools. For instance, the censoring of “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain ignored some life lessons because it was a significant classic book (Robertson). On the other hand, it disappoints authors and readers because it goes against their desires (Larbalestier). Authors have to be remarkably open in their books and use a language that is appealing to engage teenagers. The use of words such as “nigger” and instant messaging style such as “grt”, “l8r” and "ttyl" should not warrant a book for censorship because it is the language of teenagers (Rohrer).

To sum up the whole discussion, censoring of books in high schools is wrong because it does not encourage literacy (Weaver). Denying teachers and students to use some books contravenes their academic freedom and disappoints some authors. Parents should understand that challenging some books does not help to keep children from adult content and obscene language because can still access such content from the media, movies and internet.


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