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It became a certain tradition to define various generations according to the age range and the date of birth. I belong to the Generation Y that is also called “a green generation” in some sources. Right now it is quite difficult to say what the biggest challenge for my generation is as only time and history plus profound analysis can show it.

However, booming population is definitely one of the biggest challenges nowadays. The biggest danger is to face a collapse of the balance between the natural resources and the necessities. Natural resources are not unlimited and they should be conserved in advance in order to support life and wellbeing on Earth. Moreover, overpopulation affects many aspects and may result in a range of economic, social, and environmental challenges. One more problem booming population can result in is the job destruction rate. People have to work in order to cover all the expanses and satisfy their needs; however, this will be impossible if there are not enough vacancies and working places. One more terrifying fact is that overpopulation will definitely result not only in a serious workplace competition, but it can also results in huge conflicts, wars and other serious disputes. It can also be difficult to control the balance between the rich and the poor. The lack of natural resources and provision may result in hunger and great starvation rates.

Stabilization of the population growth is the main issue nowadays, and this is the task both for the government and our society. We should take care of our planet and value our life. The prognoses concerning the consequences of the booming population are very deplorable. That is why it is recommended to stabilize the birthrate and the consumption of the natural resources or create some appropriate substitutions if it is possible. It is very important to find the true balance of essential needs and available resources.


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