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Mass media is vast and encompasses several aspects of our daily life. These include the use of television, radio, internet, bill boards, posters, newspaper, magazine and even mobile phones. In fact, if not tried or encountered, one cannot comprehend how difficult it is to live a whole day without the use of mass media. But it is indeed very difficult. This conclusion is reached as a result of a comparative study done between a day when I computed my mass media consumption and another day when I withheld myself from using any mass media.

The major mass media I used were internet, radio, magazine and my mobile phone. In all, majority of my time was spent on the internet. Comparatively, the internet alone took up 60% of the total mass media consumption because I could have access to other forms of media like videos and music from the internet. The radio followed and then my mobile phone before the magazine came last. The magazine was used in order to help me to fall asleep. The internet, which dominated in my use of the mass media, was predominantly used for researching information for my assignments and for general learning purposes. It also served as a major source of entertainment, which includes videos, facebook and playing games. The internet was also used largely to update myself on news.

The contrasting day was when I used no media. Right from the beginning of the day till the end of it, I deprived myself of access to any source of mass media. There was no internet, television, radio, mobile phone, magazine or newspaper. As a matter of fact, this day seemed to be one of the longest days I ever lived through. I was impatiently looking for its end because it was so much boring. I had never thought of how it feels like to live without any mass media until I personally experienced it. Constantly, I had a feeling that there was an important email I was missing. I was also bored because I did not have any means of electronic gaming system.

I hold a general belief that the impact of mass media is long lived because for a very long time I have accustomed myself to the use of mass media. This is what I have relied on for almost every minute of my life, especially the use of internet and my mobile phone. Because of the lapses I felt in my life, I have come to stronger appreciate the importance of mass media. My appreciation has even travelled as far as to their inventors. I have come to appreciate the fact that the inventors of the media have really made life easier. Another important fact I have learned is that if mass media occupy such an important aspect of my life, then I should make efforts to make their use more meaningful. If not, it would mean that the most important aspect of my life (mass media) is being used in wain. For this reason, I have created more learning time with mass media. Quite importantly, I have learned to devise other ways of keeping my day more active and smooth going without the use of mass media. For instance, I have resorted to the use of manual games to entertain myself. I have also resorted to the use of personal research through books. This is because mass media may not always be there for me as it was not there for me on my experiment day.


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