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Although The Jungle and Fast Food Nation were written in the space of about hundred years between them, the bad working patterns continue. Problems such as excessive food additives, poor working conditions and safety, owner’s cruelty and selfishness are still characteristic of the food industry today as they were about a hundred years ago. Nevertheless, there are some changes in the issues of cleanliness and safety concerns. Understanding the reality presented in two books made me realize the how the foods and especially meats that are consumed daily are processed and what ingredients are added to them beside what we expect. Also, the realization of how many people are being victimized in the process was an astonishing for me. I think many problems in the food industry today will be settled by stricter governmental regulations and laws concerning employees working conditions and sanitary norms, safety measures and obligatory specialized outfits. Another measure I can suggest is governmental monitoring of the workforce turnover. If it is high, that means many employees are being fired or leave due to not satisfactory working conditions or low pay. Also, law reinforcement should be supported by awarding companies that comply with the regulations. Those awards should not necessarily be monetary. It could be a social rating according to the safety, cleanliness, humanness and additives and other chemicals use available to the general public in the places where the products are being sold. To stress the importance of these kinds of initiatives a presidential executive order should be issued. I as a consumer, being aware of such ratings when choosing what to buy will support those companies that do well and comply with laws.


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