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The main aspect I am concerned about is the proper time management. We live in the constant rush and sometimes it is really difficult to accomplish all the tasks and important things in time. I think that it is definitely essential to plan your time and have an effective daily schedule. If you manage to follow your timetable you will certainly reach all the goals and you will never forget some significant things and events. Self-organization is an important skill that requires much time and constant efforts. However, the result is certainly worth it.

In my opinion it is far better to work within a team than choose some individual study. Such an activity helps to analyze and process more material even of a very large volume. It is vitally important for successful projects that students perceive themselves as ateam, not just a group where all the members work on different tasks. It is not accidentally that many serious organizations test team building and understanding skills of their employees. Theteam members should know their complementary skills, common goals, and mutual, not just individual, responsibilities. Only a set of such diverse features makes them areal team. Probably, the greatest purpose in team building is the development of a sense of common commitment so that team members feel the power of a collective unit. In order to work better in a team it is essential to understand the basic aspects of team work. The main task is to create a high performance team. It is the task of the leader to control these aspects and take care of authority and dominance. The team goals and the means of their achievement should be absolutely clear to everyone. All the individuals in the team should follow the same direction. I think it is also important to be rather cooperative, communicative, respectful, and a real team player. Moreover, every individual should be taken into account during the team work.

My understanding of the amount of writing required of the practicing engineer, engineering technologist, or construction manager has changed a lot as a result of my experience so far with XLIX. First of all, I had no clue that engineering requires so much writing and a great range of efforts. I used to think that math and physics are the main requirements for this sphere. However, my point of view has changed a lot after this class and now I understand the importance of writing and developing communication skills for diverse tasks such as explaining projects for instance.


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