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To begin with, I belong to the liberal Democratic Party which is a party that believes in liberalism ideology even though am not registered. Actually, it is one of the parties that really fought for individual rights and objected the rule by the majority which was tyrannical in nature. In addition to this, the liberal Democratic Party which was formed in 1988 is presently being lead by Nick Clegg who won the party elections in 2007 against Chris Huhne.

In the same line of thought, there are many reasons as to why I belong to the liberal Democratic Party. First, I like what the party stands for and how it is up to better the life of the common man in the country. In fact, am so impressed with what the party stands for in the transport system. Actually, it is the only party that states the way in which it will work to improve the transport system. In reality, the liberal Democratic Party is up to improving the transport system especially in the country side where the means of transport are so scarce (Thomson, 2010). What impresses me most in the transport plans of this party is the fact that the passengers welfare is factored in. Moreover, as a way of improving the transport sector the democrats have plans for opening more bus stations as well as reopening all closed railway lines.

Apart from this, they also want to put up a new high speed network which is supposed to connect north England and Scotland so as to reduce the traveling time between the two destinations. In addition to this, the liberals would like the people from the locality to decide which routes to use and the amount of fare they are supposed to pay. Apart from this, the party also has plans of eliminating all Lorries on the roads to reduce air pollution and overcrowding.As a matter of fact, the liberals' party is ready to use their future transport funds to fund the developments of the coming generation requirement in reducing pollution. Also, the aviation sector will also be given some special attention in order to continually reduce pollution. Secondly, I am liberal democrat because I support the party's plan on the education system and its desire to better it. This is because the truth of the matter is that the education system is not effective and it requires a lot of reforms (Thomson, 2010). In essence, the party really cares about the future and this is why liberals know that all children are not the same and they therefore need more teachers to attend to their educational needs.Actually, the most encouraging thing is the way the liberals are ready to go an extra mile in raising the standards of all schools by providing more funds so as to get the best results. Apart from this, the liberal democrats are the only ones who strongly believe that students can freely acquire university education. Finally, I love the liberal democrats view on the health care department whereby they believe that the patients should be given to special attention (Thomson, 2010). In fact, the party argues that services should be offered to citizens on basis of need and not on their financial stance. Nevertheless, the liberal democrats are the only ones who are up to getting a National Health Service that is for the people and is suitable for the present generation.

In summary, I'm a liberal democrat because I support all the above ideas and stands of the party. This is because our country will greatly improve if the proposals put forward by the liberal democrats are implemented. In essence, liberal democrats believe in a country that is for the people and by the people.


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