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The effects of knowing your IQ could be beneficial or detrimental depending on the results of the IQ test. To some people, Knowledge about their IQ could boost their confidence because they will be more willing to stretch their abilities in an effort to achieve desired results. Whereas, people who were possibly doing fine especially in studies may relax because they know they are brighter than the rest. It is important to note that intelligence is not fixed and can be improved regardless of the outcome of IQ tests. On the other hand, people who learn that they have a low IQ may be discouraged and demoralized because they may perceive the rest of the people as more intelligent than them.

Consequently, they may be more comfortable with failure because after all there is an exceptional explanation to it. This is perhaps the reason why most schools are unwilling to release the results of IQ tests to parents and children. Intelligence could be analytic, practical or creative. It is argued that most IQ test evaluate analytic intelligence whereas ones daily life requires the application of all forms of intelligence. Therefore IQ tests could be wrong and more so misleading. Everyone is naturally curious to know their IQ tests however this may not be beneficial. It is more important to remember that intelligence can be improved and one should work towards being more successful in his/her undertakings.


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