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United States was formed as nation of immigrants from Europe for political economic and religious reasons and continued to allow immigrants into the country up to a decade after attaining its independence. With then increased wave of immigrants into the country Americans resented into welcoming aliens including those who immigrated on legal terms and sometimes even the resentment termed as being racist.The quest for allowing aliens into America begun when the Naturalization Act which was passed in 1790.During the 19th century Chinese and other Asian migrants were restricted in entering America when the Chinese Exclusion act of 1982 was passed and the creation of restrictive legislation in 1917.Since then American government has been increasing barriers for immigrants into its territory, such barriers include the establishment of immigration quota system in 1920s, creation of border patrol in 1924, apprehension and crackdown of illegal migrants in 1980's with the employees being imposed with sanctions, passing of laws that blocks immigrants from receiving public services in 1994,passing of Real ID Act in 2004 that required immigrants to produce proof of their identities and later president Bush Administration passed a bill classifying immigrants as felons and initiated the deportation process and the passing of laws in 2008 that doesn't allow issuing of driving licenses to immigrants as well as holding employers responsible for checking legal status of workers.

Some of the most pressing immigration issues since the passing of IRCA in 1986 include the following: After the 1993 and 9/11 attack on united states there as been a growing concern on the role that immigration issues as played in increasing acts of terrorism issues especially with special regards to the porous borders that has led to increased number of unwanted intruders entering the country.

Another problem is the issue of immigrants being involved in criminal acts and other acts that violate the state laws and this has led to country wide protests that aliens should be deported as they pose a national security as they contribute most to increased crime rates. Complaints have been lodged on Illegal migrants breaking the law and draining the national resources. With passing of the IRCA there have been individuals in the public who are not happy with the enforcement idea of treating al illegal immigrants and those who employ them as criminals.Another contentious element of the immigration reforms is the issue of legalization and which grants aliens annual legal permanent resident status on the basis of family sponsors, employment and diversity. Advocates argue that legalizing undocumented immigrants yield more benefits than cost to the united sates as it contribute to correcting failure sin the labor market and giving immigrants greater but gain power and increased efficiency and production.

Moreover, the issue of labor needed for the growth of the country economy is another concern to the state. Such labor is not available in the country hence the immigrants play a critical role providing such labor force which is very important to the shifting us economy. Their skills are desperately needed especially in the agriculture sector. In accepting the immigrants labor force sets in legal problems when it comes to labor laws that protect them from discrimination by the state.Another issue is what to do with twelve million immigrants who are currently in the United States and many civil rights activists advocate for immigrant's legal rights which is a thorny issues especially when politicized. Also, the issue of whether the employers should be penalized or not by the state for employing illegal immigrants especially when considering the fact that there are concerns no the role job opportunities play in attracting immigrants into the state.I think a comprehensive solution to solve the immigration stalemate is to consider developing a practical package that lays a balance between restricting inflow of immigrants a swell as promoting economic interests. Such developments should not be politicized and it should consider all the stakeholders that the issue affects like the different governmental institutions, civil rights and international laws, treaties and agreements.


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