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The animal rights group together with the members of the licking county political action committee, gathered with the aim of abolishing the use of the gas chamber and reforming the county animal shelter. They claimed that the gas chamber was not cost effective and the animals went through a painful death as they were not fully sedated (Animal Concerns, 2010).Although animal euthanasia is an act of painlessly putting an animal to death, the Licking animal shelter gas chamber does not apply to this rule. This has led to numerous complaints by the residents and the county political action committee. Animal euthanasia is done under serious medical measures where an animal has behavioral problems, rabies, broken limbs that are painful to live with, old age and terminal illness and lack of space just to mention a few (Australian University 2010).

There are various methods that can be used to put an animal to death and all are based on various social, psychological and physical circumstances. Intravenous anesthetic is one of the methods, it is described as the most quick and peaceful death (Australian University 2010).The method is commonly used to pets where after its administration the animal becomes unconscious, respiratory system is impaired and a cardiac arrest follows immediately. However this method is not practical for large animals and shooting is considered for such a case. Shooting is the most appropriate method of euthanasia for large animals if used well. Shooting may be by means of a free bullet, a traditional method used to put horses to death. The shot is directly to the forehead directed down the spine resulting to instant death. Shooting can also be by use of a captive bolt is another option though commonly used to cattle. The method of shooting is well used in large animals and thus cannot be a solution to Licking shelter home (Australian University 2010).

Inhalant anesthetic is also another method that can be used for euthanasia in very small animals. The animal in this method inhales anesthetic gas which is introduced in the sealed chambers with the animal inside. Snapping of the neck also known as cervical dislocation can be performed on small animals such as rabbits and if done properly instant death follows. The process only requires a pair of groves as the only equipment. However the method of snapping the neck and use of inhalant anesthetic can only be effective in small animals. Thus not the solutions for Licking animal shelter as they mainly handle cats and dogs (Australian University 2010). Intracardiac or intraperitoneal injection is also another option of euthanasia whereby drugs are injected directly into the body cavity or heart chamber. However this method may take more than 15 minutes in cats and dogs (Australian University 2010). Majority of the animals at the Licking animal shelter are cats and dogs. This method of Intracardiac or intraperitoneal injection may take more than 15 minutes to put the animal to death. It means that the animal is likely to suffer a painful death thus the problem of painful deaths to animals is not solved (Australian University 2010).The use of gas chambers can only be effective if done well with right amount of gas. The gas chamber consists of a sealed chamber where poisonous gas such as carbon monoxide is introduced to be inhaled by the animal. However this has not been the case at the licking county animal shelter. The animals have been subjected to painful death thus disobeying the rule of euthanasia. The only available option for the animal shelter is via lethal injection. Using this method, a fatal dose of drugs is injected directly to the animal causing instant death. The problem of the animals not being well sedated will be solved and the complaints of the Licking community dealt with. The animal will go unconscious and after a period of about 30 seconds it will be dead (Australian University 2010).

Although the county commissioner told the advocate of animal concern that the gas chambers are not in use unless an animal is aggressive, animal concern through its commissioners are pushing towards the elimination of the gas chambers completely.The animal shelter also requires more reforms and hence a plan for the creation of an advisory council is being put considered. The council will consist of local professionals who will make recommendations about the shelter. Non profit friends of the shelter group will also be put into place and the group will recruit more volunteers all for the well being of the shelter home.Mere word of mouth by the county commissioner to the advocate of animal concern that the gas chambers are no longer used is not a guarantee as he says that the gas chambers can be used if the animal is aggressive. The misuse of the gas chambers may be back even before the campaigns are over. Strict follow up of the issue should be done through the local government to assure the humane euthanasia of animals by use of lethal injection.


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