Introduction & Story TitleIt is the best policy to elaborate one another. Likewise, the unrivaled thinking, neither the skills nor the warrant of liability work can be matched with each and everything pertinently to the readers. The crux prospective of novels and poems are their wording is to mold your thinking and perceptions in a plausible style. The main prospective of this study is quite straightforward, actually we have to read the story of Cheever "Swimming" and then apply the main theme of the story over two relevant essays in which the work of alcohol has been duly defined. We also have to pen down the impact using alcohol on the entire family and also on the people surround us. To educate our potential readers in a more pertinent manner, we have decided to include a sufficient writing about Chever and his story "Swimming".About the Author

A vigilant observer of the deceivingly ordinary suburban life, John Cheever amazes his readers by presenting striking images and dramatic storylines by using merely everyday characters. His success lies in his ability to capture the crucial elements in his characters' lives and present the extreme human vulnerability that lies in those aspects. Cheever's characters are primarily either indulged in unrealistic visions or, conversely, worn out by the heavy demands of reality. Being entrenched in the suburban life that contains nothing but commuting, partying, and socializing, they are protected sometimes even secluded from the vicissitudes of the outside world. Therefore, the slightest intrusion of reality for the unrealistic and the least hint of vision for the conventional would prove extremely fatal. While characters of both situations would seek to "deny reality and to escape totally into a private vision do not succeed when that vision cuts them off from social and personal bonds and responsibilities or from a realistic assessment of their own limitations." (Riley, 21-6) This paradox which the characters constantly face compels them to accept reality with a sense of gratefulness, presenting the uniform appearance of the suburban life style. As Cheever said in the preface of his story collection, he was "a young one who was truly shocked to discover that genuinely decorous men and women admitted into their affairs erotic bitterness and even greed." (Cheever, vii) Hence it is reasonable why readers often find it difficult to identify with Cheever's protagonists, because the characters exist merely to serve the purpose of displaying human defects. Critics have especially observed Cheever's strong emphasis on "the need to sustain a personal vision in the face of contradictory evidence." (Riley, 21-6) The ones that fail to do so inevitably fall into an abyss of consternation. Cheever suggests through these two stories that it is difficult if not impossible to change oneself within such a constrained community. By a change Cheever refers to the ability to "establish an identity and a set of values" ("John Cheever") for oneself. Cash Bentley relates to the former, for he fails to redefine himself after his long sustained image is relentlessly shattered. Francis Weed relates to the latter, for he can neither utterly abjure old values nor instill new ones into his life in his attempt to distinguish himself. Yet what is the main cause for such weakness, such as incompetence? Cheever suggests that the lack of worldly knowledge is an important cause. This lack of knowledge sometimes conveys a sense of naivety, compelling the characters to ignore the complexities of life. This phenomenon is in accordance with Cash Bentley's simplistic vision of living the present vicariously through his youth and Francis Weed's crude belief in changing his life by simply rejecting traditional values. Cheever's strong emphasis on this point can also be seen in "The Swimmer."

Critical Analysis of SwimmingThe story starts off with Neddy Merrill taking up the challenge of swimming home via his neighbors' pools, for "the day was beautiful, and it seemed to him that a long swim might enlarge and celebrate its beauty." (604) Cheever implies a slight sense of ridicule while describing Neddy's cause: "When the protagonist Neddy Merrill tries to do something new-something heroic and legendary all he can come up with is to swim home through a chain of 16 pools." ("The Swimmer" 284) His naivety gradually clashes with reality as the story progresses; at the end of the story, Neddy finds his house deserted and he falls into an abyss of puzzlement and agony. Neddy's downfall starts halfway through his voyage. When he reaches a dry pool, "this breach in his chain of water disappointed him absurdly...He was disappointed and mystified."(606) Obviously Neddy's ideal "adventure" is free of the smallest obstacles, for he becomes utterly baffled by this incident. Neddy then enters a public pool, but not before remembering that "he might contaminate himself damage his own prosperousness and charm by swimming in this murk." He then reminds himself that "he was an explorer, a pilgrim, and that this was merely a stagnant bend in the Lucinda River," but before long he is shouted out for not having an identification disk. In his book, "Swimmers" he elaborated the story of a sportsman. He identified the working and importance of the essence of alcohol from the standpoint of a sportsman.

The essays, which we have chosen in order to analyze the essence of alcohol in the life and working of a sportsman are "Examining a Sportsman Diet", and "Alcohol and Tobacco in Sports".In Examining a Sportsman diet essay, the writer has penned down the story of a person who uses drugs. According to the author, the essence of alcohol is quite an inn these days, but it is totally depended upon the habit and inner perception of a person. According to the author, if a person becomes an addict of alcohol while playing then the verdict of abrogate such things are quite difficult. If we study broadly, then we will analyze that the essence of alcohol has a real dominance in the field of sports because the alcoholism is the only thing which can calm you and your nerves better than anything else. A person will become insane and his family and other relations will negatively affect, if he used alcohol. Apart from this, there are a number of causes behind using alcohol while playing. Alcohol let your mind block and a person who uses alcohol or other types of drugs will never tire.I remember a quote of the book "Swimming" which is,""It was probably the first time in his adult life that he had ever cried, certainly the first time in his life that he had ever felt so miserable, cold, tired, and bewildered"It means that a person will become the addict of such drugs, if he has been constrained to do so in his adultery period.The second essay has also declared the same thing, which shows that the involvement of the alcohol and tobacco companies in the sports. The second essay has also identified the same issue of a sportsman and the essence of alcoholism in his life, likewise, the first essay. With the help of a quote of Chever, I want to conclude all this matter, which shows the positive impact of leaving alcohol and other drugs."The day was lovely, and that he lived in a world so generously supplied with water seemed like a clemency, beneficence"


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