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Abortion is termed by its opponents as termination of a living creature in its mother's womb. This fact has created a drift between the opponent and the proponent of abortion. Though abortion opponents demonizes abortion, it is applicable and useful even to them .Abortion is sometimes recommended by doctors in case of unsafe and unwanted pregnancy to the mother.

I believe abortion is not an evil. The reason is that, when it is medically proved that the live of the mother or the child is at risk, it may necessitate abortion. It is believed in many societies that you better prevent a pot from crashing other than preventing the liquid in it from pouring. This is because with the pot you can still hold the liquid in it any other time you wish to. Like the pot the mother can get pregnant again, but the baby can not bring the mother back.

Also pregnancy should be planned for. Having a child means another mouth to be fed, clothed, educated e.t.c. In case of rape the carrier of the pregnancy did not at any time anticipate that she would be raped neither did she plan for the same. If this pregnancy is not terminated it will forever be an angry reminder to the mother. This may traumatize her till send off. The mother is not alone because the society will be burdened economically.My big worry is when a minor gets pregnant. Do we let her abandon her education for the sake of retaining the pregnancy and live a beggar in the streets, or should we help abort the fetus and continue with her education and an optimistic future? In this case demonizing abortion is to miss the point. By aborting, we shall have brightened the minor's future and at the same time relieve the society the burden of rehabilitating the mother and her child if it is abandoned by her.

Holding all factors constant abortion should not be demonized but its meaning should be optimally utilized. Abortion opponents should take abortion as a medical tool but not an immoral act. Furthermore, women are not alone responsible for pregnancy. Their male counter parts are always left aside while we harshly crucify the girl child. We should embrace a culture of abstinence rather than condemning a natural act of abortion.


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