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It is hard to imagine how exactly my university graduation day will be. But in order to know it will happen perfectly, I need to know that I would only be graduating into a well-paying career. My college years should be spent preparing me for the rest of my life and should provide me with skills and knowledge to succeed. While I may not be sure what path I will take for my career right now, by the time I am accepting my university degree, I will already decide it. I would like to be known as the best in my field, and as someone who will be a benefit to my future career.

Of course, I would want my friends to be there with me. We would even have a graduation party or cookout, and I would invite friends from high school and college. I cannot describe the number of people I would meet along the way that could be there to support me – family, friends, roommates, classmates, professors, or even coworkers. Just as well, I would want to show off, so perhaps I would win an award or be recognized for a significant achievement.

One thing that would make my graduation absolutely perfect is to know that my parents would be able to attend. Currently, my family is living in Saudi Arabia, where I am from. Unfortunately, they had to miss out on many of my experiences in the United States, and probably will have to do it still while I am at college. However, that would be great if they attended my graduation. It would be perfect to unite the life I have lead in the United States with my life in Saudi Arabia, and all the ends would meet.


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