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Human body developed when ancient people had to run and walk long distances to find food. One had to be physically fit to survive, and the body was programmed for exercising. In our time, which is called Information Age, “due to technology and better mass transportation” (“The Price of Inactivity” n.p), the sedentary life-style became common. People spend a lot of time with the computer, which includes both work and leisure. The consequences of ‘virtually’ spent leisure time are obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure and other sobering things.

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Active life-style boosts people’s energy, increases stamina; and physical wellness is directly related to our cognitive health. For example, a thirty-minute walk for overstressed and preparing for exams students can improve their health and make their thinking more creative. Maybe a challenging essay or mathematical problem will be planned and solved when you are walking in a park and looking at trees and flowers. It is good to go for a walk with your friends and share your thoughts, discuss ideas and ask for an opinion. Many centuries ago Socrates from Ancient Greece would hold discussions with his students while walking in the outskirts of Athens and enjoying the fresh air and good companionship.

Walking is a good exercise not only for students, but also for people with sedentary jobs. Busy work schedule leaves little time to watch nature around us, so taking a nightly walk in the neighborhood could be a good idea to relieve stress and watch sunsets. Children will be happy to explore nearby parks, streets and alleys together with their parents.

For retired people, who can plan their schedule and chose the most suitable for them mode of exercises, walking has many benefits: it prolongs optimal health, improves balance and coordination, and reduces the risk of many illnesses associated with age. “Being physically active is a real key in maintaining quality of life and independence.” Why not start now?

“Would you like to add years to your life or life to your years?” (“Physical Activity Improves Quality of Life” n.p.). Choose what is best for you!


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