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The project, we are carrying on about analyzing market for APDM has enabled me to develop the four university goals. The four university goals include communication, inquiry and critical thinking, ethical and social responsibility and finally diversity of human experience. The project involves a lot of discussion which helps in development of communication skills. The project also requires four class representations which help in critical thinking. The analysis and interaction with the six group members enables me to develop social and ethical responsibilities. The project is a business related project. Business includes involvement of inter personal relationship which will enable me to develop a bit of human experience. I will be able to interact with different people of different characters. The project is involved in the establishment of a new product called Gait Track by APDM Company. This will enrich help in making me a critical thinker because it is involved in finding ways to penetrate in the market and ensure maximum profit.

 Inquiry and Critical Thinking

This is a problem solving project and we are involved in analyzing market for new product of APDM Company. It involves enquiry because we are analyzing different articles in order to get solutions. The process of inquiring, from my group members help in developing inquiry skills. Always I inquire from other group members the points which I do not understand. Asking a question to other group members and class presentation helps in development of inquiry skills.

The project involves a lot of investigation. We have carried out market, financial and chain supply research. We have also carried out investigation from other research. The process of investigation makes an individual a critical thinker. The project also has a deadline in which it should be delivered and working within the deadline will helps me to became a critical thinker because am concerned on how to complete the project in due time. Communication during discussion develops critical thinking skills which I did not have before joining the university. The project involves four class representations and our group has six people. This is a lot of representation and having a lot of work to do will enable me and other group members to think critically on how to complete the task. The project enables each member of the group to develop inquiry skills and become a critical thinker. The project has built a critical thinking mind which I never had before joining the university. 


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The project has enriched me with communication skills. Most of people think that they know how to communicate but have realized otherwise after undertaking the project. The project has enabled me to develop different communication skills like verbal, writing, visual, graphic and oral. I am able to communicate with my group members during discussion. I usually interpreted their moods and have learned the likes and dislikes of each member. The skills, which have developed through discussion, have enabled me to live a conflict free life. Usually, I understand the likes and dislikes of each person am communicating with to avoid conflict.  The project involves carrying out research which helps in building communication skills with members of the public. I have learned ways of approaching people of different character, gender and ethnic groups.

The project involves writing down key points and presentation materials. This helps in development of communication through writing. Through writing down of the points and presentation material am able to communicate to a crowd using written materials. The project has also improved my writing skills. Currently, am able to use diagrams and written materials to pass the message to different peoples. The projects also helped in the use of technology in communication. Use of mobile phones and internet to carry out research has enabled group members to be conversant with communication technology. Generally, the project has helped in building up communication skills.

 The diversity of Human Experience

The project has enabled me to have an experience which I did not have before joining the university. Before the start of the project, I had little human experience but through interaction with group members and other class mates during discussion have gained human experience. Discussion with different people has made me know how to interact with different people in the world. Class presentation has also made me be able to avoid conflict. Some of the class members ask a foolish question while other asks to challenge the findings. This has enabled me to understand each person and avoid being hot tempered.

The project is a business task, and it has enabled me to gain experience in business. Through discussion, and article use have being able to understand different trends in business. Currently, I am able to analyze a business and help business people to succeed in their business. The project has helped me to understand the tactics and trend each business person should undertake in order to prosper and penetrate in the competitive market. The project has not only helped in gaining study skills but also personal involvement in business. It has also helped in understanding the concepts to apply in order to succeed and penetrate in a competitive environment. I have been able to understand the reasons why many people fail in business, and this will enable me to avoid been a victim of failure.

 Ethic and Social Responsibility

The group project has enabled me to be able to interact with members of the society and other students. The project has built interpersonal relationship skills which enables health relationship with my colleagues and members of the public. Through group discussion, I have been able to associate with people from different ethnic groups, race and religions. This has enabled me to be able to interact with all people in the world. Interaction with different people in the world helps in discrimination avoidance.  The project has enabled me to treat all people equally despite their social class, ethnicity, race or religion.

The project involves the establishment of a new product by APDM and this has also enabled me to understand many things in business development. In the society, am able to teach business people the steps needed in business growth. Before undertaking the project, I thought that an individual needs to start up a business and wait for customers. Currently, have noticed the steps business people needs to undertake in order for the business to prosper. In a business am able to analyze marketing skills, financial factors and supply required in business. The project has enabled me to develop business skills. It has also enabled me to work and plan my things ethically in the work place, university and back in the society. The project has created awareness of ethics in class, home and work place.


This project has helped me to be able to apply the four university goal with easy. Group discussion has made me develop communication skills and able to interact with different people without discrimination. It has enabled me to learn different relationship skills which help in conflict avoidance. Group work and discussion have left me a different person. The project has been of help to me because have learned many things, which I did not know before starting.


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