Free «Two jobs I have engaged in: A job I like and one I do not like» Essay Sample

The one I like

As a part-time worker, during my high school period at a store by the name Smart stores is the best engagement in terms of jobs. It was an extremely entertaining to do the job. Customers and my colleagues always seemed tranquil and patient when they stepped into the stores. The most captivating part of job to me was when I was setting up ornament displays and collecting other products, which included the beautifully colored wrappings, filling balloon, and taking care of flower bouquet orders.

The engagement with coworkers and the customers was perfect. My coworkers were mainly retiree women, exceptionally pleasant and sweet; always guiding me in matters concerning the job, for example, matters on customer relations and issues. Some went even further to bringing me homemade sandwiches. It has proved to be a truly relaxing job. I was excellent at it. I felt happy to see the store neat and elegant looking, displaying the products creatively, and putting a smile to customers.

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In addition, my boss was a young woman who was always targeted to give the best to the customers. Most of the time she was absent from the store, as she was always busy getting supplies and engaging in events and potential customers. She was an inspiration to me. She could always invite the workers for dinner and there, she could advice in matters concerning business. She has played a pivotal role in shaping my mind towards business.

The job had many benefits including commissions for sales and new customers made. Appraisals were fair and based on performance. The salary was satisfactory and could cater for my expenses and leave me with same savings. Moreover, I learned many things including customer relations and coexisting with coworkers in the workplace. This is so the job that I can account to be the best I have ever engaged.

The one I do not like

As a graduate from high school, I decided to join a college for a degree. However, my family was not able to pay my fees. Therefore, I decided to join a company as a gateman at the age of sixteen to pay aid in paying the college fees. My duties were opening the gate, ushering visitors and other persons, keeping attendance register, and keeping off unwanted persons from the vicinity of the company.

The relation with the other employees was sometime tense as some looked down on me as a subordinate worker. Some could try to harass me by giving orders in a manner that was unpleasant. This would at times go as far as giving me some duties that I was not meant to engage in, for example, commanding me to carry their languages to and from their offices, sending me to shops across the road and many others.  Engaging me in these activities was not a critical issue; however, the issue was how they carried it.

Another issue that makes me not to like this job is that I could spend most of my time, and the payments were peanuts. Sometimes I even had to miss some classes, that is, during important undertakings of the company. Delegation of duties to someone else from outside was not taken in lightly, and mainly the management did not take it in a pleasant way. Therefore, I had to be in even though I had some valuable matters to follow up sometimes.

The job was so stressing that it led to exhausting my mental ability to cognitive processes. Since also the management was also not willing to hear out my grievances I decided to quit the job and engaged in another one, which was more conducive and mind relaxing than that one.


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