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Prove that God Exists

The possibility of the existence of God may not be disputable. There are too many complex universal systems that cannot be self-controlled; hence, the only possible being who ensures that they run the way they do is God. There are many factors that can make people believe that there is God. The first evidence is different people who came to believing in their Supreme Being independently. In the early human history, there was little movement and communication between different continents; thus, there were few chances that a certain culture could be transferred to another community. Albeit this fact, people from Africa, Asia, America, and other parts of the world believed in their own God despite having different cultures that were absolutely autonomous. African communities are a good example because they rarely have any connections with the rest of the world; yet they all believe in a supreme being whom they associate with the creation.

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Secondly, the systems of punishment of good and evil cannot be excluded from the argument. People have seen many individuals who do evil deeds to their neighbors being executed in unclear circumstances. The cruelest leaders have died in an excruciating manner; this fact shows that there is an avenging spirit that people cannot understand. The being that makes people answer for the wrong deeds is God.

Many people believe in the power of prayers that are all directed to God. Whenever people want to progress or get out of a problem, they ask God to intervene. The world has witnessed the sick being healed, and the blind getting to see again. These occurrences are a demonstration that someone listens and responds to the prayers. Since they are directed to God, He listens and answers them promptly. In the African tradition, drought is believed to end and rain to fall after a sacrifice to God. Similar instances were described in the Bible. For example, when the Israelites went round the Great wall of Jericho, singing to God, the city walls collapsed and gave way to them. Further, Moses led the Israelites through the wilderness where there was scarce food and water. God provided them with all they needed whenever Moses asked Him. Moreover, Jesus always prayed to God when He performed a miracle. He would raise His eyes and pray that God the Father gives Him the ability to do whatever He wanted. Every time He prayed, His intentions and wishes would be accomplished, meaning that there was someone, who listened and answered things that no man could do. This is a Biblical manifestation of the God’s existence.

Existence of the good and evil can be used to show that God exists, as well. Every force has an opposing force, and the society has a clear distinction between vices and virtues. This idea can be used to show that there is God who is in charge of the good. The distinction could not have been self-developed, and a force must have been behind it. This force can only be God Himself.

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The Bible has been very categorical in explaining that there is a Supreme Being – the God. The story of creation as explained by the Bible seems likely because even science approves that the universe has not existed since eternity. Nevertheless, while evolution was developed to explain the origin of a human being, there has been uncertainty regarding the way the first life appeared. The process that has led to the arousal of a cell is questionable, and the chronology could not be explained. The only explanation that can hold water is that there was a force that was working on the atoms and molecules to create a human being, who had probably developed to the present-day man.

The people who wrote the Bible did it thousands of years ago. They are said to have been inspired by the Holy Spirit, a messenger of God. Today, thousands of years later, the Bible remains relevant. Such a book could not be written by humans themselves; they must have been truly inspired by God. The ability of the Bible to articulate the present day technological development with ancient living standards cannot be underestimated and should be taken as another evidence to prove the God’s existence.

The Bible has described God’s messages to the people for numerous times. All these messages are well carved and well explained. Surprisingly, none of them can create chaos among the people if followed properly. There would be fewer conflicts if the messages were followed. Love is among the biggest issues that have been discussed, and its consistence and accuracy cannot be overlooked. Such consistency from different writers means that they were all interconnected; the only possible connection is God.

Cosmological Argument God’s Existence of God by St. Thomas Aquinas

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St. Thomas Aquinas was a Dominican priest, philosopher, and theologian, who lived between 1224 and 1274. He created many works that attempted to explain the Christian doctrine. He developed five proofs commonly known as Five Ways of God’s existence.

The first way is the argument of motion. St. Thomas Aquinas asserts that everything that moves must have been pushed to get into that motion. The Earth and all the other planets are in constant movement, and someone unmoved must have put them in motion. He states that the movement cannot be infinite and must stop at some point. The theologian noted that movement included the growth and that the prevailing conditions on earth were static. According to him, the unmovable mover is God.

The second proof is the causation of existence. St. Thomas Aquinas argued that, according to common sense, nothing could create itself. Aquinas believed that someone whom he named God must have created the first things. This means that there was a being that was never caused or created; hence, it had lived for the eternity. According to St. Aquinas, God was not caused or created.

The third way is the proof of contingent and necessary objects. The philosopher classified all objects in the universe as either contingent or necessary beings. Contingents require necessaries to cause their existence. Aquinas believed that there must have been one main necessary being, which caused all the contingent beings. The necessary being is God, who caused the rest of the objects.

The fourth way is referred to as the argument of degrees and Perfection. This way was developed from the observation of the qualities that things possessed. One can easily tell who is more attractive between two beautiful women. According to this observation, Aquinas stated that there was a degree of goodness among the human beings. He argued that, when following this measure, there was always a perfect form of any quality that cannot be observed on earth. The perfect quality can only be contained in the most powerful being – God.

The fifth proof is the argument of intelligent design observed in the universe and its orderliness. The global systems are well designed for every part to coexist and work together perfectly. The way these systems work is extremely complex and only a highly competent designer could create and set them. The designer can only be God.

St. Aquinas’ arguments are very logical and convincing. They are well observed, and there would be no sensible counterargument to them. I, therefore, agree with them at all levels, as the evidence makes sense and requires little explanation for one to understand it fully. 

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